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Hacked: Pokemon Go Developer CEO’s Twitter Account

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Hacked: Pokemon Go Developer CEO’s Twitter Account


The latest high-profile victim to see a social media account hacked by self-proclaimed white hat hacking group OurMine is John Hanke, CEO of Niantic, famously relevant as the developer of mobile gaming phenomenon Pokemon Go.

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In a series of tweets, OurMine – the hacking group which has infamously breached the likes of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s social media accounts – has claimed its most recent victim’s social media account. As of publishing, John Hanke – CEO of Pokemon Go developer Niantic has his Twitter account still compromised by the hacking outfit, with several tweets still showing up on his account.

A total of 5 tweets were posted, all of which are still up at the time of publishing. However, the accompanying Quora links where the hacking group explains its actions on the question-and-answer platform have been removed, presumably by Quora.

John Hanke Pokemon Go Developer CEO

OurMine has repeatedly insisted that its intentions are entirely wholesome and that it is only looking to bring attention to the state of security by targeting social media accounts of prominent tech CEOs. Its targets and victims in the past include the likes of Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, Google CEO Sundar Pichai who had both his Twitter and Quora accounts compromised, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s Twitter account (irony alert), musicians David Guetta and David Choi and the most followed YouTuber, Pewdiepie.

In this instance, OurMine also revealed the password used by John Hanke with which they allegedly breached his account.

“His password was too easy “nopass” #OurMine !?” a tweet read.

The hacking outfit also released a Twitter post asking the developer to release the game in Brazil as a part of the stunt.

An earlier tweet stated:

#OurMine | This hack for Brazil #POKEMONGOBRAZIL #PokemonGo4Brazil !?

In an exchange with FORBES, OurMine revealed that it had “2 reasons” for compromising Hanke’s account. “1 – we are testing his security 2for brazil & argentina & chile” OurMine reportedly stated.

Pokemon Go has not launched in the three mentioned South American countries yet and the reaction from social media following OurMine’s stunt was varied.

The hacking group also revealed that they had gained access to Hanke’s Foursquare and private Facebook accounts by using a brute force tool.

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