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Hacked: Broadcasting Service Livestream Notifies Customers of a Database Breach

Hacked: Broadcasting Service Livestream Notifies Customers of a Database Breach

by Samburaj DasDecember 24, 2015

Popular broadcasting service Livestream has revealed in an email to users today that the company’s database containing user records may have been breached.

Livestream, a prominent broadcasting service that can be accessed by millions of viewers has emailed its users to warn them of a possible breach that targeted the company’s database server.

As revealed by TNW, the company stated the following in an email to its 300,000+ users:

We recently discovered that an unauthorized person may have accessed our customer accounts database. While we are still investigating the full scope of the incident, it is possible that your account information may have been accessed.

The statement also added that the account information accessed may include customers’ name and email addresses along with an encrypted (possibly hashed) versions of the customers’ passwords. The date of birth and a phone number, if provided may be compromised too.

Having the details of 300,000 users spilled out in the open or in dark markets where such information could lead to identity theft and more, makes this a significant breach. On the bright side, Livestream explicitly added that it does not store payment card details of customers’ credit and debit cards. The company insists that does it store any payment information whatsoever.

Livestream also claims that it sees no reason for the passwords to be decoded but online thieves and cybercriminal gangs prey on customers who pay for services online, services such as Livestream. A database of customers is more valuable to criminals engaging in payment details theft than a database of users subscribing for a free service.

While we’ve contacted Livestream, spokesperson or a press office employee at the company wasn’t immediately available for a comment at the time of publishing.

If you’re a Livestream user, it’s imperative that you change your account password immediately. If you share your Livestream password with any other online accounts you may own, it’s time to go about changing them all.

Once your passwords are reset, Hacked recommends investing your time and effort in a password manager or vault that does the job of securing and remembering your passwords for you.

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