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Google & Uber Going to War

Google & Uber Going to War

by Jonas BorchgrevinkFebruary 3, 2015

uberGoogle Ventures invested an incredible $258 million in the popular app Uber late August 2013, and even more the year after. Now there are speculations of the two companies going to war rather than being allies.

Google’s driverless car project seems to be closer a public launch, and they are now considering to offer a similar service like Uber for the project. According to Bloomberg, David Drummond, Google’s chief legal officer and senior vice president of corporate development that joined the Uber board of directors in 2013, has informed Uber about the possibility. Uber executives have even seen screenshots of Google’s ride-sharing app that their employees currently use.

Uber Might Fire Google’s Legal Officer

The Uber board might conclude to ask Google’s Legal Officer, David Drummond, to resign his position as a Uber board member. To make the competition even harder, Uber has teamed up with Carnegie Mellon University where the goal is to develop its own autonomous vehicle technology like Google’s driverless car project.

Uber Executives are Deeply Concerned

Executives at Uber are, according to Bloomberg, deeply concerned about Google’s new path. Google is probably one of the few companies that you would not want to be in a “war” with, with its deep pockets and astounding team. And one must remember, Uber builds on top of the search giant’s technology like Google Maps.

Will Uber survive? Post your comment below.

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  • inthebush

    That’s what gargoogle does. Makes “friends” with a new technology, figures it out, does it better and says “get lost”.
    Time to break that monster up.

    • Layland

      I have at least a couple ideas to ‘break that monster up’ (compete with) … unfortunately, i don’t have technical skills to implement them…but if someone out there has the brains (technical skills) then i’ve got the brawn (ideas) … let’s make lots of money?

  • “Google is probably one of the few companies that you would want to be in a “war” with, with its deep pockets and astounding team.” I think you meant to type NOT WANT TO BE IN A WAR WITH. I couldn’t imagine Uber looking to escalate the stand-off.

    I for one am looking forward to the self-driving vehicles. I’m sure a little unsettling at first, but who would have thought we would have drones 30 years ago?

    • Jonas Borchgrevink

      Thanks for the notice, updated now.

  • DougNJ

    In the near future there will be an updated version of “Chicken” in which players summon an Uber autonomous car and then see how many times each can jump out in front of it, causing it to stop without getting hit. I am sure that these vehicles will handily detect and properly react to such things as bouncing ball, child chasing said bouncing ball, and family pet that joined in on the action. Wonder what sort of liability insurance they will have?

  • Bitcoins and Gravy

    I hate to burst anyone’s sci-fi bubble, but the driverless cars are NOT NEARLY as close to being a reality as some want to believe. 10 years? Think again. It’s easy to map out a route, upload that info to the car’s computer and then send it across the country – with a human passenger to make sure all goes well. But getting gas and charging an electric and navigating construction areas, accidents, weather conditions is something that artificial intelligence is simply not ready for. Sorry again to burst any sci-fi bubbles. I’m a hug sci-fi nerd from way back, but I’m also intelligent enough to know that what happens on a busy city street is not something any computer or AI “brain” is prepared for. In East Nashville we have Gallatin Road. Seemingly an easy road to navigate until 4pm on a Thursday when everyone goes cray cray. How many illegal moves can 100 drivers make in 8 minutes? The answer is A LOT!
    If Google cars are on the roads in 20 years it will be a miracle. Just stop and think about all the crazy close calls you’ve had as an adult driver (I’m 52 years old). Then try to picture a Google car making the same split second, irrational, sketchy decisions that you had to make to keep you from having an accident. I could write a book about the complexities of driving. But I’m not going to.

    Happy driving y’all!


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