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Is Google Stealing Your Phone Photos?

Is Google Stealing Your Phone Photos?

by P. H. MadoreJuly 13, 2015

google and photosPrivacy advocates have been murmuring about the new Google Photos Application since it came out. One of the big red flags with it? It has unlimited storage for regular resolution photographs and organizational capacities on par with some forms of artificial intelligence. Oh, and according to a reporter for the Nashville Business Journal, it also uploads your photos to Google servers, even after you remove the application.

This happened because of the way Android stores the settings for Google Photos, which is different from the way it stores the settings of other applications, even other Google applications. In this case, the settings are stored under the overall Google Play settings, and syncing must be disabled there.

However, many are still wary of the company who does not charge for most of its services directly, but rather sells user information to advertisers in order to profit. If they can do this, what else can they do? Many would assume that a company truly in favor of their privacy would have its default settings in be the opposite, so that the user must choose to enable automatic uploading to distant servers.

The narrative that Google would have us believe is that in the mission to improve our lives through their technologies, they have occasionally stepped on the toes of our privacy rights, but for good reason. However, Google is a company, and companies need to make money, so a thinking person should assume that anything Google does is to make money. Thus, one way or another, Google will be making money from Google Photos.

To disable your Android device from syncing photos after you’ve uninstalled Google Photos, go to your Google Play settings in your Settings and you should be able to locate the setting to disable it.

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