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How Google Can Make You And Your Business More Efficient

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How Google Can Make You And Your Business More Efficient


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Google signGoogle is a powerful platform. In this piece, we will go over the various products Google offers and how they can help you in your day-to-day.

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There are the Google products with which many are familiar: There is Google Search, Gmail, Maps, Earth and Chrome, but also numerous other services Google offers. Many of these services could help you or your business become more efficient. Google Apps For Work has everything you need for your business, much of which we cover below. If you are looking for a backup computer that can integrate well into the world of Google products, the Chromebook serves such a function.

Once we start digging deeper into the Google product catalogue, we find tools that can help us become more analytical in regards to our projects and pursuits. For web developers or website owners, Google Analytics will tell you about who is visiting your site. This data is important for making key decisions about  AdWords or AdSense marketing campaigns. Google products will also help you produce and collaborate on products with friends and colleagues. This potential is tapped with Google Docs. Functioning very much like Microsoft Word, there is one considerable bonus to this powerful, cloud based software: collaboration. Create an editable “Share” link and anyone with that link can make changes to the document, which you can see in real time. Pretty handy.

That is not the end of Google Docs’ powers. There are some interesting offshoot products that are essentially minor variations of Docs. For instance, Sheets allows you to create complex spreadsheets, forms and slides. This tool enables you to create and share a survey. Once the survey is done, Google organizes the data into charts and graphs.

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Boomerang – Boomerang for Gmail allows you more options when sending e-mail via the Google platform. For instance, with Boomerang, you can schedule e-mails.

Google Translate – Translate does not necessarily make the best translations. With Google Chrome, Google’s Internet Browser, you have the option to change the language from a foreign website into your native tongue. Google Translate and this Chrome option together create a more perfect picture of the meaning of the writing than one without the other.

Google Presentation – Google Presentation enables you to create a slick looking slideshow.

Drawings – In drawings you can create presentable diagrams and flowcharts in a Docs-esque environment.

Books – In the midst of research? Google Books allows you to scan the full text of thousands of books.

Calendar  – You probably already know about Calendar. Many businesses rely on this program to organize their days. You can create events on your Calendar and invite colleagues, partners, etc.

DriveShare files with others. Transfer limits are lifted with the payment of $1.99 per month to Google.

Voice – With Voice you can create a phone number that forwards to another number of your choice.This makes it easier to use your mobile phone as a primary business contact. With Google Voice, you talk with people while preserving some anonymity. The service also has a mobile voicemail systems for recorded messages. Voice can also transcribe your voicemail and send them as texts. Translation is not perfect but you can usually at least figure out who called.

HangoutGoogle Hangouts competes with Skype. The service is slick and works as an extension in chrome. Chat with your friends, family, business partners in a simple, slick manner. Once you use it you will see Skype as a glorified version of AIM.

Patent SearchThinking about creating a new product or patent? Patent Search narrows down the search functions to only patents. With this tool you can quickly discover if your product or idea has been heretofore patented.

News  – Google News allows you to personalize your news feed so you can be up to date on the news which affects your interests, industry and business.

Finance – Google Finance can keep you up to date on your portfolio.

Scholar – Search scholarly articles with Google Scholar Search. Similar to Google Search and Patent, but specifically for academic works.

Picasa – Picasa allows you to search, edit and organize your photography.

Groups – You’re likely familiar with Google +. Groups allows you to create a group of people with a joint interest. It can act, also, as a mailing list for your customers and a place to gather, as well.

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