Goodbye Skype, Hello MegaChat: Kim Dotcom Reveals Encrypted Video Call and Chat

It’s no secret that the United States government has access to citizen information through various channels, and even people outside the U.S. borders aren’t safe from their watchful eye. It’s no longer a question of morals and ethics, but a dilemma people face to be either complacent or to find an alternative to protect their identity.

To help with that decision, Kim Dotcom announced a new service from his company called Mega that allows people to communicate seamlessly in an encrypted fashion.

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Kim Dotcom Megachat Lizard SquadKim Dotcom Shining the Spotlight on MegaChat

In a tweet, Dotcom announced Mega’s new service.

Mega will soon release a fully encrypted and browser based video call & chat service including high-speed file transfers. Bye bye Skype.

Seeing as Dotcom is also the founder of Megaupload, some in the community began calling the new chat “MegaChat” to fit with the company branding, although no official announcement has surfaced.

Dotcom reportedly has little do with Mega’s day to day operations, but he certainly has been bringing attention to the company recently.

On Christmas Day, a hacker group known as Lizard Squad made good on their threats to take down the PlayStation Network along with Xbox Live, simply because they could. They kept it offline until Dotcom stepped in on Twitter and offered the group thousands of lifetime memberships on Mega as long as they never attacked the networks again.

While some argued that paying an unprecedented ransom opens to gates for hackers to hold more services for ransom in the future, some praised Dotcom for bringing the networks back online.

Through the clutter and headlines though, Dotcom brought a large amount of attention on himself and his company, just before the big announcement MegaChat. Whether or not Dotcom planned with Lizard Squad beforehand, saw an opportunity for publicity and took it, or handed over the memberships out of the kindness of his heart, all eyes were on Dotcom at the perfect time.

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