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Generate Electricity and Digital Currency by Walking Over Street Tiles

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Generate Electricity and Digital Currency by Walking Over Street Tiles


Through the simple act of walking people can now produce their own electricity and digital currency in Washington D.C., as it embraces a form of renewable energy, according to Futurism.

Known as Pavegen Tiles, these street tiles convert kinetic energy from people’s steps into electricity, digital currency, and data with one person creating five watts of power from their footsteps.

However, it wasn’t an easy start for Laurence Kemball-Cook, who founded London-based Pavegen in 2009. As Futurism reports, Kembell-Cook said that at the start no one believed in what he was doing. As a result, and to prove his technology did work, he broke into a building site and forcibly installed the tiles without permission.

Since then, the clean energy company has received the recognition that it deserves.

Pavegen states on their website that every week cities are growing at a rate of 1.5 million people while 40 cities will achieve a population of greater than 10 million by 2025. Now, then, is the time to achieve a greater environmental impact. What better way to do that than through the power of walking?

By working with the District Department of Transportation (DDOT), the Golden Triangle BID, and ZGF architects, the Pavegen Tiles will be located across three sites at the Connecticut Avenue Overlook pocket park.

Since 2009, Pavegen has come a long way completing more than 100 projects around the world. Permanent installations can be found at London’s Heathrow airport, Harrods in London, St. Omer Train Station in northern France, Bloomington Public School in the U.S., and Federation Square in Melbourne, Australia.

Kemball-Cook said:

We’ve created a product that can reshape the way people move in our cities, and with current digitization, our ability to connect physical and digital worlds through a single footstep places us at the forefront of the footfall energy-harvesting market.

Generating Digital Currency through Walking

While the tiles themselves may not seem anything special, once a person walks on them they become something else entirely.

As people step on the tiles, their weight causes the electric-magnetic induction generators to displace vertically, which results in a rotatory motion that generates off-grid electricity.

Furthermore, an individual walking across the tiles will also produce data through their steps via the wireless API rooted into the tiles to the Golden Triangle website as digital currency. It is the feature of acquiring digital currency that helps Pavegen’s vision.

By making the technology sustainable and interactive it aids cities in engaging with the technology which will become an integral part of how future generations diversify renewable energy by producing a cleaner and positive impact in cities.

The digital currency will eventually be redeemed through discounts or by products through the app.

Featured image from Pavegen.

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