GBP/USD Price Prediction: Bulls Reclaim 1.2900, Eyes Locked on Another Retest of 1.3000

  • GBP/USD bulls pick up momentum to the upside, following generally positive tone to Theresa May’s Plan B statement.
  • Next upside targets for the bulls should they firmly breakdown 1.2900 again, will be the psychological 1.3000 mark.

GBP/USD throughout the session on Monday remained very much elevated. This came as market participants were somewhat maintaining an optimistic view. All of which heading into the British Prime Minister Theresa May’s speech to the House of Commons, on her Brexit plan b. Of course, this had to be drafted again, given her humiliating defeat at the vote last week, on the initial EU withdrawal plan.

Theresa May Plan B

In terms of her details this time round, she will be going back to Brussels, to seek some amendments to her initial agreement. This needs to be done in order to get a plan through another vote in the commons. Looking at some of the GBP bullish takeaways from this statement; she guaranteed rights for EU citizens at several angles, scraping the application fee EU nationals registering in Britain, discussing the backstop with the DUP this week.

To conclude, PM May appears keen in her language to ensure of a soft-Brexit, rather than one that is hard. All of which supported GBP in its push to session highs, at the time, briefly moving back above 1.2900. The price had given up this area on 18th January, when the bears were reversing the run observed on 17th, where GBP/USD touched to big psychological 1.3000 mark again.

Technical Review – GBP/USD

GBP/USD 60-minute chart. Near-term resistance eyed at 1.2900, with bulls locked in on a retest of 1.3000.

GBP/USD at the time of writing continues to trade around the 1.2900 territory. This price did see a brief period cooling, on touted profit-taking post the statement. Near-term resistance can be seen within this price region, but if convincingly broken down again, then there is decent upside potential. Aside from the supply observed here, there isn’t much in the way of the 1.3000 price region.

Given the renewed optimism around Brexit now, this has assisted in maintaining momentum to the upside for GBP. In terms of support to the downside, a strong area of demand should be noted at 1.2850-25 price region. As can be seen via the 60-minute chart view, this has supported the price since 15th January.

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