Gamer Convicted of Drugging Girlfriend So He Could Play

Apparently, it can be dangerous to get between a man and his games these days, as a young German man’s girlfriend recently learned.

When the young woman, who says her boyfriend was using a lot of drugs at the time, got in the way of the German gamer and his video games, he gave her three drops of an undefined substance in her tea. This knocked her out until the following day, and the man was able to play his precious games in peace.

These actions may seem extreme, but stranger things have happened in recent times. An 8-year-old boy recently shot and killed an old person after seeing it happen in a video game. These are the kinds of things politicians would like you to believe happen all the time, but they don’t, just like the German drugging his girlfriend to get her out of the way of his video games, these things are all rare. Rare events do not deserve more credit than their worth.

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Most gamers do not drug their significant other for any reason, let alone because they got in the way of their games. Most 8-year-olds do not experience something in virtual reality and then immediately, violently act it out in real life. Most of the time. The rare cases should be noted, but they should not dictate the way things are viewed.

In the end, the young man got no jail time. Instead, he was charged a hefty fine and warned by the court against drugging a young woman in his home. Ironically, in a different context the man surely would have been guilty of a serious crime. The case is being viewed as a case of game addiction gone madly wrong.

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