Futurist Finance: 15 Stocks to Invest In Emerging Technologies

Are you interested in investing in the latest emerging technologies? The following 15 stocks offer plenty of upside.

1. Cryogenics – CryoPort Inc.

What to buy for the billionaire who has everything? Immortality is an obsession in Silicon Valley. As the ranks of the tech industries’ ultrarich swell, CryoPort is a stock worth looking into.

2. 3D Printing – Proto Labs

3D printing is an enormous growth stock opportunity because the technology is so promising, but still in that early stage of development akin to personal computing in the 1980s. Minnesota-based Proto Labs is a top 3D printing stock pick.

3. 5G Network – Cisco Systems

Upgrading the world’s connectivity to 5G will be foundational to many of the next great leaps forward in technology, like autonomous vehicles, the Internet of Things, even virtual reality headset Massive Multiplayer Online games. Cisco has always been a great stock to buy and hold forever.

4. VR – Microsoft

Microsoft’s very market ready and marketable HoloLens is a good reason to be excited for the company’s prospects in both AR as well as VR.

5. AR – Apple

Tim Cook says augmented reality is as big an opportunity as iPhone. Shut up and take my money.

6. Autonomous Vehicles – Nvidia

Nvidia is a leading designer of graphics processing units with a broad range of applications, from gaming to use in autonomous vehicles, where they simulate the environment around the vehicle.

7. Robots – SoftBank Group (owner of Boston Dynamics)

If you haven’t been on Boston Dynamics’ YouTube page to see what those guys are up to, you will be startled at how sophisticated their robots are in 2019. They’re owned by Soft Bank Group Corp., a Japanese multinational conglomerate.

8. Deep Learning / Human-Like AI – Alphabet

For a solid play in Deep Learning, which is the digital simulation of human-like intelligence, buy Alphabet and hope the new AI overlords don’t be evil.

9. NanoTech – Thermo Fisher Scientific

Massachussetts-based Thermo Fisher Scientific is a biotechnology company that keeps pushing the limits of what’s possible with the little pieces.

10. BioTech – AbbVie

Peter Thiel says the trouble with investing in biotech, is there are far more unknown variables than with digital technology. He prefers to invest in companies like AbbVie, which methodically turn those unknowns into variables that are predictable and controllable.

11. Quantum Computing – IBM

IBM’s stock might be ready for a comeback after disappointing investors in recent years. Its work in quantum computing aims to manifest the next computational paradigm to continue the acceleration of Moore’s Law into the future.

12. Solar – First Solar

Advancements in the manufacture of solar panel technology are revolutionizing the world, and paving the way for an economy that runs on renewable, alternative energy sources. Arizona-based First Solar boasts the strongest balance sheet in the industry.

13. Drones – AeroVironment

In the near future our skies will be populated with so many drones delivering goods and gathering information, it will look like the Jetsons or Coruscant. AeroVironment is the leading manufacturer of unmanned aerial drones.

14. Cybersecurity – Zscaler

Cloud computing is going to grow exponentially in the coming years, and play a central role in the economy of the future. As a result, Zscaler is positioned to profit handsomely from the growth in cloud computing by providing critical cybersecurity to the cloud.

15. Cryptocurrency – Square, Inc.

If it wasn’t apparent to everyone but the lunatic fringe before, there can be no denying in 2019 that cryptocurrency is here to stay. Square is a good way to put crypto in your stock portfolio. The Jack Dorsey payments company has allowed users to hold bitcoin in its Cash App since January 2018.

Featured image courtesy of Shutterstock.