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My first experience with Robot Trading: Up $5 000 in Two Weeks

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My first experience with Robot Trading: Up $5 000 in Two Weeks


This article was posted on Saturday, 16:55, UTC.

Since I’m pressed on time with multiple obligations (job, familiy,, CCN, MoneyMakers) I decided for a couple of weeks ago to look into robot trading. I wanted to find one or multiple robots to do the trading for me. I ended up with downloading MetaTrader 5 and buying two different robots from their marketplace. I started with 16 000 USD on the trading account, and after two weeks the robots have made me $5 000.

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That’s a whopping 31% increase within 2 weeks…!

My robots usually trade during the night, and I’ve decided to completely trust them. The 16 000 USD is a sum I’m more than happy to lose if I can learn anything from dealing with trading robots.

When that is said, MetaTrader’s interface really “SUCKS”. It’s so bad, I can’t understand why MetaTrader is considered the best trading terminal for robots. Maybe that’s a good business idea for someone out there? Disrupt MetaTrader.

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So, which robots do I use?

I do not want to disclose that just yet, I need to test my robots rigorously before I can recommend any of them. And if this is a money making machine, we can laugh all the way to the bank.

Have a good weekend.

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Jonas Borchgrevink

Jonas Borchgrevink

Founder of and CryptoCoinsNews

  • user

    AUTHOR virtualevil

    Posted on 5:09 pm September 16, 2017.

    Your breakin my balls here Jonas!

  • user

    AUTHOR s3bio

    Posted on 5:10 pm September 16, 2017.

    Which assets or asset classes have been involved? Not ’50 cent’ stocks, right?
    Could you post your experiment’s details?

  • user

    AUTHOR Midnight_Oil

    Posted on 7:47 pm September 16, 2017.

    Can’t wait to hear more.

  • user

    AUTHOR systray242

    Posted on 7:54 pm September 16, 2017.

    Yes why you don’t give us more information? Is like saying oh I made lot of money with a robot trader but I am not going to tell you how… If is really true.

    I really need as well one of this robot traders and then have plenty of time to spare.

    Please tell us the secret?



  • user

    AUTHOR mvppvm_07

    Posted on 7:59 pm September 16, 2017.

    Go ahead, help me laugh!

  • user


    Posted on 8:17 pm September 16, 2017.

    We are glad you share with us your success and failures and your openess on what you make and lose ? But please guide us too and give us more details to help us make money like you do.. I am so much interested in hearing about this more..

    I understand the risks involved and i am willing to take it.. Have a great day and continue doing the great work you are doing for us all…

  • user

    AUTHOR index932

    Posted on 9:31 pm September 16, 2017.

    Please provide more information. The BTC Robot that I am using is not so good. This stupid thing hardly breaks even 🙁 I wish you will provide some good lead on this subject for your loyal readers here 🙂

  • user

    AUTHOR rtacconi

    Posted on 10:18 pm September 16, 2017.

    I decided to develop my own bot, so I can put my programming skills to work, and to avoid to spend my life observing charts. I am doing a course for algo trading (a post. grad. certificate in Financial Engineering). I have already learnt many mistakes that I was doing, backtesting helps a lot in finding the right strategy. I have some code to do machine learning for classification and it seems the most performant solution. Usually, algo trading software outperforms traders, so you had a good idea to trade a bot. Everybody beware, most of the commercial bots are rubbish, and even bot’s stats are usually counterfeit.

    • user

      AUTHOR BlessMeLord

      Posted on 3:27 pm September 21, 2017.

      Agree. And, you propose to sell your own designed bot? Price? Thanks!

      • user

        AUTHOR rtacconi

        Posted on 9:05 am September 22, 2017.

        I am developing it for myself, but if it will work, I will think about. I won’t sell the software, but a user could setup the API keys and the software could buy/sell.

  • user

    AUTHOR dgimness

    Posted on 1:08 am September 17, 2017.

    Please, Jonas names of bots! : )

  • user

    AUTHOR magzik

    Posted on 5:35 am September 17, 2017.

    I want a robot 🙂

  • user

    AUTHOR thejoshuamcg

    Posted on 6:33 am September 17, 2017.

    What did you like about metatrader?

  • user

    AUTHOR kamilstanek

    Posted on 11:49 am September 17, 2017.

    Guys, nothing comes without work on your own. Robots good to test but could be caused by several positive market conditions that worked for Jonas. With money to loose we can gamble… I do it too;) But if you wanna gamble, you can also try 48% increase in 3 months project here: I tested that and earned more then Jonas with robot. Again, with money to loose, not for living. Have a great day.

  • user

    AUTHOR brok2005

    Posted on 12:24 pm September 17, 2017.





    [email protected]


  • user

    AUTHOR Tarik

    Posted on 4:28 pm September 17, 2017.

    anxious to read more about it…

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