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FireEye Purchases iSight, Focuses On Cyber Attacks Before They Happen

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FireEye Purchases iSight, Focuses On Cyber Attacks Before They Happen


This article was posted on Monday, 06:40, UTC.

FireEye Inc paid $200 million to purchase iSight Partners Inc, a firm that deploys intelligence agents overseas in order to identify cyber attacks before they transpire. FireEye is adapting to changing threats in the cybersecurity realm with the bid. FireEye has been in the hardware and software business since 2006, focusing on the detection and prevention of cyber attacks. The firm paid nearly $1 billion for Mandiant Corp. in 2014, a firm which investigates after attacks happen and boots hackers from penetrated systems. ISight tries to predict attacks before they happen, thus bringing nuance to FireEye’s portfolio.  ISight claims to…

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