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Finnish Hacker Convicted of Lizard Squad Christmas Antics

Finnish Hacker Convicted of Lizard Squad Christmas Antics

by P. H. MadoreJuly 8, 2015

Readers will remember the December antics of the Lizard Squad, in which the group took down the PlayStation and Xbox gaming networks for several hours, specifically aiming to disrupt the fun of children getting new consoles on the major holiday.

The high-profile attacks led MegaUpload founder Kim Dotcom to pay a sort of ransom to the hacking group, offering them hundreds of lifetime memberships to his new venture, Mega.

Now, a Finnish court has convicted a young man in connection with the attacks. Julius “zeekill” Kivimaki was found guilty of more than 50,000 computer-related crimes in Finland, according to Kaleva, a Finnish newspaper. In additional to playing a central role in the hacking group’s prominent activities, the young man acted a spokesman to several media outlets, speaking in an official capacity for the group.

Despite the massive conviction, there will be no jail time for Kivimaki. He has been given instead a two-year suspended sentence. To add insult to injury for his victims, there will be no possibility of extradition to face justice in other jurisdictions, either, at least according to the newspaper.

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The Lizard Squad have long said that they are “untouchable,” and in tweets confirming this, the group has said that they have “free passes.”


It is unclear whether these “free passes” are in relation to work the group has done for governments, which is a suspicion, or whether it is because they are all minors operating from a country with particularly lax rules toward minors. It does seem unlikely that they are all operating from the same country, as earlier this year a suspect was arrested in Southport.

Hacked will follow this developing story as it unfolds.

Images from Twitter and Pixabay.

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