Facebook Rolls Out Improved Feed Preferences

facebook-improved-news-feed-preferencesFacebook has announced that users will now have more options in their feed preferences options, allowing them to specify what they what sources they will see more from, among other choices.

In addition to the existing algorithm that Facebook uses to determine what a user most wants to see, the new “see first” list will be accounted for, and the site will display content from these lists first. The lists will be made public. Effectively, this enables users to use the “hide” button less often when dealing with content they don’t like, since ideally it will show them preferred content first and foremost.

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This effort combines with others from Facebook to control the content that the users are engaging with as well. One such effort would make it so that users never actually left the site when going to read content from other sources, and another is Facebook’s recent renewed effort in the war for video dominance.

The latter effort, it should be noted, has met with cool dimissal from current video king, YouTube. YouTube believes the video market is large enough that it will be a long time before Facebook and YouTube are even competing for the same people.

Still, a company which believes it will be utilizing the brains of users in the coming years to determine preferences currently has to ask them in order to be sure it is delivering the right content. For those that might be concerned about artificial intelligence, this development should come as a relief. Even Facebook can’t read your mind yet.

The new feature is now available on Apple devices, and will follow to the standard browser and Android devices later on this month. On the iOS App, it can be found by updating Facebook and then clicking the more option in the bottom right, then going to settings.

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