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Ex-Hedge Funder Martin Shkreli Hacks Business Rival and Harasses Family

Ex-Hedge Funder Martin Shkreli Hacks Business Rival and Harasses Family

by Ali RazaSeptember 23, 2015

32-year-old venture capitalist Martin Shkreli reportedly hacked a business rival and then harassed his teenage son and wife over a longer period of time. Messages sent to the wife were telling her that they would soon be homeless. Shkreli recently attracted bad attention due to hiking prices of AIDS pills as reported by US Uncut.

Pharma CEO Martin Shkreli was recently in the news and heavily criticized for hiking the price of an AIDS pill by 5,500 percent. The pill is vital for the treatment of said disease, but Martin introduced a hefty hike in the price of the pill as soon as his company acquired rights to the pill last month. The daraprim pill costs $1 for production but Shkreli’s start-up prices it at $750. What’s more is that the 32-year-old believes the drug is still under-priced, indicating that he might hike the price even more.

Although this resulted in negative attention for the venture capitalist, a fresh police report has just been made public which indicates that the gruesome nature that people had associated with Martin might not be as misplaced as previously thought.

The report, tweeted out by @BrooklynJuggler, contains a description of claims from Tim Pierotti, a legal rival of Martin, who claimed that he had been hacked and harassed by Martin. The report was taken by New Jersey’s Summit Police Department in December 2013.

It says that Pierotti’s email accounts had been hacked by someone who was suspected to be Martin Shkreli. The hacker even used the accounts to access Pierotti’s Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.

The claim that the hacker was Shkreli were backed by Pierotti’s lawyers providing documents confirming that the IP address used to change Pierotti’s Facebook page traced back to Shkreli’s network. The breach of the accounts led to posts being made on behalf of Pierotti related to his ongoing trial with Shkreli.

Things got even darker as the hacker used the Facebook account to add Pierotti’s son and then spam him with messages saying how his father was a cheat. Although the account was blocked, Pierotti’s wife began receiving messages from someone who Pierotti believed to be Shkreli.


Messages were sent on Mrs. Pierotti’s cell phone, like:

I hope to see you and your four children homeless and will do whatever I can to assure this

This was followed by Pierotti’s boss receiving a box full of information pertaining to his case with Shkreli.

Officer Kathleen Maggiulii noted that although Shkreli initially denied knowing Pierotti, he changed his statement when she mentioned that the police had knowledge of certain friend requests being sent on Facebook. She pointed out to Shkreli that if he continued his actions of contacting the family and co-workers of Mr Pierotti, it would be considered harassment, upon which Shkreli hung up on her.

This police report throws further doubts on the character of Martin Shkreli.

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  • AmericanPieHole59

    There are several federal investigations into Martin Shkreli. Allegations of insider trading and fraud committed at his last job. He may have gotten through this but with this latest scandal the Feds will turn up the heat because he is now a big story and prosecutors like nothing better to take down high profiles like this jerk. It will be to everyone’s delight to see this punk go to jail but none more happy than his cell mates. I would suggest little Martin pack extra hair nets because he will be someone’s xitch.