Ethereum Co-Founder Assures Cryptocurrency Market is Not about to Collapse

  • Ethereum co-founder and Consensys founder Joseph Lubin comments on current digital market conditions.
  • Ether (ETH) “has some characteristics of cryptocurrency, but it’s really a crypto fuel or a crypto commodity”, according to Joseph Lubin. 

The co-founder of Ethereum and Consensys founder Joseph Lubin, said “digital currencies are not on the edge of a collapse”. He was recently speaking in an interview with CNBC, providing some general overview on current market conditions.

In his interview, Lubin spoke about how the ecosystem has seen several “booms and busts” within the past ten years. However, he noted that it has never looked so strong than it is today given the strong fundamentals that are seen with the ecosystem. The number of projects that are going on and people brought into the blockchain-sphere are a testament to the evolution of the industry. He added that “the foundational infrastructure is getting built out.”

Cryptocurrency infrastructure is evidently growing at some pace. For example, Bitcoin has its own developed infrastructure. Bitcoin wallets exist, as the case for almost every cryptocurrency available as well as many strong active cryptocurrency exchanges, Bitcoin ATMs in several countries. The ability to buy Bitcoins is now very simplistic, being able to use a smartphone with the ATM.

On the topic of regulation, Lubin commented how there is regulatory uncertainty with respect to the value moment of cryptocurrencies. He then diverted the initial question somewhat, mentioning that boiling down on the blockchain technology, current infrastructure building is decentralizing traditional systems. He listed the likes of trade, finance, tokenized custody systems and many others as being the most notable outcomes. Lubin further explained how regulatory uncertainty is becoming a thing of the past in “various different jurisdictions” across the globe.

Ether is a Crypto “Fuel”

Speaking specifically on cryptocurrencies, Lubin said Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. However, Ether (ETH) “has some characteristics of cryptocurrency, but it’s really a crypto fuel or a crypto commodity,” additionally noting how Ethereum is a decentralized application platform. In his view, none of these types of platforms will need to be regulated. Finally he said “one doesn’t regulate technology, one regulates the use of the technology.”

Technical Review – ETH/USD 4-hour Chart

ETH/USD 4-hour chart

The current price behavior of ether is simply life-less, within an extremely narrow trading range. This is no thanks to the largely suppressed wider market. Volumes recently hit an all time low for 2018, a notable slowdown since mid-October. Within the last 10 trading days, it has moved in a mundane $8 range. A high seen at $210, the low of the range, $202.

Just like several other cryptocurrencies, price action is moving within a pennant pattern. Given such, it would typically suggest that a breakout is imminent. Should the bulls manage to breakout of the upper near-term resistance, $210, there could be a very fast move back towards $250. This is where the next major supply zone can be observed. Support has proven to be firm at protecting the $200 mark of late, any breach south of that would be catastrophic. The next demand zone is seen down within the $180-160 territory.

Disclaimer: The author owns bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. He holds investment positions in the coins, but does not engage in short-term or day-trading.

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