Ether Price Spikes Suddenly and Sharply

Ethereum’s price rose quickly and sharply Tuesday morning, as technical traders appear to have pushed a corrective rally following yesterday’s steep selloff. Beyond that, there were no obvious reasons for the dramatic reversal.

ETH/USD Update

Ether’s value spiked more than 8% on Bitfinex to reach $211.80, according to latest available data. The unusual bout of volatility appears to have originated more than 1 hour ago amid a surge in volume on Bitfinex. At the time of writing, the exchange’s daily turnover in ETH amounted to 388,680. The cryptocurrency reached a session high of $222, completely reversing Monday’s downturn.

CoinMarketCap has also acknowledged a sharp rise in ETH trading volumes. At the time of writing, total trade volumes across all exchanges was higher than $2.2 billion. That accounts for nearly 16% of total market turnover.

On Monday, ether recorded a steep decline from $220 to $190 after the market failed to make new highs during the weekend. It’s not entirely clear whether the latest upsurge is part of a more coordinated effort to lift the market or simply reflects a bounce from oversold levels.

Crypto Market Approaches $200 Billion

Ethereum’s sudden advance helped push the cryptocurrency market closer to $200 billion. XRP, the third largest crypto by market cap, had initially led the recovery amid news of major commercialization efforts involving Ripple’s technology. XRP is currently trading at more 11-day highs, according to latest available data.

Bitcoin, which accounts for more than 55% of the total market cap, has also recovered from its recent five-day low. It currently trades around $6,374, down just 0.9% compared with Monday. BTC had declined more than 3% on Monday as prices fell to the mid-$6,200 range from a high near $6,500.

With the exception of XRP and a few other cryptocurrencies, fundamentals have struggled to explain the market’s recent moves. The market bottomed near $186 billion last week before staging a nearly $20 billion relief rally through the weekend. Since then, trading conditions have been fairly tepid.

Ethereum’s volatile moves over the past two months reflects deeper issues for the so-called developer’s cryptocurrency. The loss of “reservation value” amid what appears to be an ICO exodus has left ether’s price susceptible to vicious downturns. Not only are ERC-20 startups liquidating their holdings of ETH, uptake in new coin offerings appears to have declined sharply. ICOs raised just $337 million last month, the lowest in over a year. What’s more, September is shaping up to be an even worst month in terms of total secured funding.

Disclaimer: The author owns bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. He holds investment positions in the coins, but does not engage in short-term or day-trading.

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