Estonia Takes Leading Strides in the Digital Age

Estonia has taken definitive steps towards integrating their country with the digital age. This new service allows individuals and businesses to register themselves as an e-Resident of Estonia via easy

From the 1st of April 2015, foreign representatives will be ready to take interested parties applications. You will still be required to visit the Estonia office twice at this time, once to apply, and then again to receive your card.

However, starting from May 2015 online applications will be available. Applying via an online application beforehand means that you will only need to visit the office once.

How to Find an Office

id paperIf you are in Estonia, then you simply need to find your nearest Police and Border Guard Office. You can find a list and contact information of all of these offices here.

Or you will be able to visit the local Estonia Embassy in your country. The following countries and cities where this will be available are as follows;

Australia: Canberra / Austria: Vienna / Belarus: Minsk / Belgium: Brussels / Brazil: Brasilia / Canada: Ottawa / China: Beijing and Shanghai / Czech Republic: Prague / Denmark: Copenhagen / Egypt: Cairo / Finland: Helsinki / France: Paris / Georgia: Tbilisi / Germany: Berlin / Greece: Athens / India: New Delhi / Ireland: Dublin / Israel: Tel Aviv / Italy: Rome / Japan: Tokyo / Kazakhstan: Astana / Latvia: Riga / Lithuania: Vilnius / Netherlands: The Hague / Norway: Oslo / Poland: Warsaw / Portugal: Lisbon / Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg and Pskov / Spain: Madrid / Sweden: Stockholm / Turkey: Ankara / Ukraine: Kiev / United Kingdom: London / USA: Washington D.C. and New York City.

You will have to wait a background check to be conducted, once that is complete you will be notified and your e-Resident card will be available.

Why Become an Estonia E-Resident

E-Residency is currently in beta phase, with a minimal of options available for those entering this element of the digital age. The services available will be expanded upon and will likely reach into every potential possible.

For now, during the beta phase, you will be able to:

● Register your company online in electronic Business Register here (information sheet on the Company Registration Portal can be found here)
● Sign documents digitally with partners, employees and the government
● Exchange encrypted documents
● Conduct secure online bank transfers (with Estonian bank account – list of Estonian banks can be found here)
● Declare taxes online (information about the Estonian tax system can be found here)
● Do online reporting to electronic Business Register here (e.g. submit annual reports)
● Digital prescriptions in pharmacies in Estonia (see overview here)

What You Need To Register

In order to apply for E-Residency you will need:

● Travel document or physical identification document from your native country
● Document photo, taken at the location
● Application form filled out at the location
● Present your biometrics at the location (fingerprints)
● Pay the state fee of 50 euros (currently in cash only, on-site)

E-residency has the potential to save residents noticeable time for business or individual affairs; it can save expenses, and it is more friendly to the environment.

Would you become an e-Resident? Leave your thoughts below. Images from Shutterstock.