EOS Plunges 18% En Route to Two Month Low

A sudden downturn in the early hours of this morning has wiped out much of the slow gains made in the last few days. The entire market has sunk to levels far below that of the dip on June 9th, and EOS is now priced at a level not seen since early April.

From a high of $10.49 earlier in the morning, EOS plunged to $8.59 just a few hours ago. A slight rebound has seen it rise back up to $8.67, but that still marks 17% losses over 24 hours.

EOS has been hit the hardest out of all the coins in the market cap Top-20 today. This mirrors the short period of growth around a week ago as the market recovered from the June 9th dip. EOS recorded close to 20% gains that week, and now that same balance has been rescinded.

This sends EOS back to its early April price – right before the EOS token sparked a major bull run and went from $8.49 to $22.52 within the space of three weeks.

EOS is not alone in its reversion to pre-April levels. Ethereum has shown the same movements, while Bitcoin has sunk to a price not seen since October of 2017.

The majority of trades over the last day have come from Huobi and OKEx, with EOS/USDT trades making up the vast majority of the movement. Meanwhile, on the Zebpay exchange, where $0.25 million worth of trades have taken place, the price of one EOS token currently stands at $8.43.

Mainnet, Block Producers,Token Swap

EOS has had a busy month, with a mainnet launch; a stalled block producer vote; and a whole host of airdrops launched from its platform in between.

Industry pundits will no doubt succumb to the temptation to speculate, but when so many red candles appear across the board within the space of a few hours, the only thing left to do is throw your hands in the air and admit defeat.

News, whether fake or real will probably surface in the next few hours which explains away the reason for the sudden market-wide crash; but how much of it is to be trusted, and how much of it is the manipulative propaganda of whoever is moving the market, for whatever means?

Bithtumb $30 Million Hack

The Bitthumb hack of a few days ago is taking prominence in the headlines at the moment, but there was a significant delay between the $30 million being stolen from the exchange, and the downward reaction of the market that we saw this morning.

News of exchange hacks, irregularities, or merely ominous announcements have consistently had a negative effect on the market in the past. However, there is a growing community online who view such news as useful camouflage for the people who are really pushing the prices. However intriguing that may be, it only leads to further speculation at this point.

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Greg Thomson is a freelance writer who contributes to leading cryptocurrency and blockchain publications like CCN, Hacked, and others.