EOS Launch Update: Clearing Up the Confusion

The EOS blockchain is currently in the process of being launched. While there have been blockchain mainnet launches in the past, nothing compares to EOS. Token holders are on edge, information is not all neatly packaged in one location yet, and many have questions.

First off, if you have EOS registered, the thing you need to do at this point is nothing. Just be patient, don’t try to access your EOS until you know for sure its the official procedure. Right now there are predators out there trying to phish people into giving them their EOS keys. Never give away your key.

As for the launch process, it will take a few days.

There are four phases to the launch.

  1. Launch Sequence: The ERC-20 token Snapshot is verified by EOS Mainnet Launch Group (EMLG), as well as third parties. Block Producers within the EMLG initiate the Boot process.
  2. Testing: EMLG and third parties will need some time to verify that the tokens have been loaded according to the snapshot file and that the software performs well. This stage will continue for 48 hours and repeat in the event that a major bug is found.
  3. Enable: The Block Producer community will release a joint statement once it is safe to import private keys and vote. Voting begins.
  4. Activation: Once 15% of votes have been staked, appointed Block Producers will be immediately replaced by elected Block Producers and we can declare the EOS Mainnet active.

As of June 5 at 12:07 pm (EST) they are still in the testing phase. To stay current and updated on the EOS mainnet rollout, there are teo good sources. The first is eosflare, which provided the update pictured below.

In addition to the above, block producer candidate EOS Nation is providing live info.

Once testing is complete, an announcement will be made, at which time voting for block producers will continue until 15% of votes have been staked.

We have already scouted out ten solid block producer candidates and will continue to provide info on all things EOS as it comes.

Featured image courtesy of Shutterstock. 

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