Enjin (ENJ) Releases of Crypto Wallet and Efinity Channel Framework for Faster Transactions

The Enjin (ENJ) cryptocurrency has achieved several important milestones recently, which has put it on many traders’ watch lists.

The market as a whole has lost billions over the last few weeks. Speculation is that institutional investors have driven up the price of bitcoin, only to short it and then they will buy at the lower prices for the long play. Also, a lot of regulations have been happening with countries clamping down on fake accounts and anti-money laundering operations by requiring confirmed trading accounts.

The market is still in a healthy place in light of all the drastic changes. When the market is down is actually the best time to buy up quality ICOs and altcoins.

Crypto Wallet, Efinity Launched

The so-called smart crypto for gaming has released its ERC-20 crypto wallet for Android, with an Apple release scheduled in the near future. The wallet currently supports BTC, ETH, LTC, ENJ and all other ERC-20 coins by default. Some of its core features include:

  • A new custom designed keyboard, which prevents any keylogging or data sniffing and allows a user to randomize keys for better input protection.
  • Increased encryption security: Two cryptography layers are used to protect confidential data. 256 AES hardware encryption is utilized in the software at the application layer.
  • Personal data is highly encrypted and confidential data is deleted memory.
  • Prevents screen recording attempts at the OS level to prevent hackers from using screen and video capture software to record sensitive information.

Enjin Coin has also introduced Efinity, a lightning network made for gaming. Enjin did this to speed up the processing of buying items in games. If a game developer were to offer purchases of game assets using ETH or BTC then it would be a slow and expensive transaction.

A game channel is opened with the Efinity network which allows a game to perform nearly millions of transactions between players and the game server. Using the Efinity network, transactions can be performed at high speeds and nearly no costs.

The transactions remain are verified and remain trust-less on the Ethereum blockchain.

One more major update is that Enjin (ENJ) has also started working on the EnjinX blockchain explorer providing a web-based interface to multiple blockchains, and browsing of Enjin Coin game assets.

The Enjin team will be debuting the Unity Plugin and Minecraft Plugin at GDC 2018 in March.

Enjin will be exhibiting at the Game Developers Conference — along with AAA games producer Pat Labine, which is ENJ Head of Developer Technology.

The Game Developers Conference is a yearly meeting with many pro video game developers.

Enjin (ENJ) has been able to secure one of the best exhibit locations in the entire conference next to industry legends such as Google, Intel and Unreal.

ENJ Price Levels

From the latest chart, you can see that ENJ is finding support at around 0.00001665 Satoshi level and on a bullish trend with a target range of 0.00002370 – .00002653 over the next few weeks.

Keep on the lookout for the next roadmap milestone for a jump to next upper support levels.

Disclaimer: Analyst is not currently invested in ENJ.

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