Encrypgen Offers A Low Risk, High Reward Opportunity

Since the start of the year, crypto valuations have been collapsing faster than Kevin Spacey’s career.  For investors who entered the market a few years ago, it’s been painful but not deadly.  For those who entered the market at or near the highs, this bear market may have turned them off of crypto for a very long time.  However, one bright side of the current market is that some incredible values exist.  And one day these compelling values are going to make today’s investors boatloads of money.  While I’m keeping my eyes on several tokens, perhaps the most exciting crypto company is Encrypgen (DNA).

Investors love to claim that projects they are following or investing in are the most likely to succeed.  But despite the bear market, many coin price collapses have been the fault of the companies themselves.  Many companies have missed their own deadlines and/or adjusted the roadmaps to something less ambitious.  Encrypgen has done just the opposite.  They are meeting their deadlines and are on the verge of releasing a revolutionary platform in the field of blockchain genomics.

It’s well known that small cap healthcare/biotech stocks have the potential of generating the highest returns in the equity markets.  Of course, those high returns come with astronomical risk.  So what if I told you that Encrypgen could generate those kind of returns with only a fraction of the risk that typically comes with start-up science companies?  Well, I fully expect Encrypgen to do just that.

I mentioned the risk is only a fraction typically associated with these types of companies because at some point in the 4th quarter (probably much sooner rather than later), Encrypgen will release the full working version of the Gene-Chain.  The beta version is already live.  The Gene-Chain will allow researchers and scientists to purchase data directly from consumers using Encrypgen’s token, DNA.

In addition, a buy-now feature will be implemented in the platform.  This is expected imminently.  This game-changing functionality will allow researchers to convert FIAT to DNA tokens directly on the Gene-Chain.  Researchers will receive DNA tokens and Encrypgen will receive funds that will be converted to BTC so that the company can continue to operate, expand, and enhance their product offerings.

Anther reason why I consider the risk to be much lower than usual is that the company has already done a tremendous job of navigating the complicated regulatory hurdles.  Because of the sensitive nature of the information being uploaded to the Gene-Chain (consumer genetic data), it certainly is necessary for regulation to exist.  Nevertheless, Encrypgen has already dealt with that while other competitors, such as Nebula Genomics, Shivom and LunaDNA, are significantly behind.  I always prefer to invest my hard earned money in market leaders rather than followers.  And there is no question that Encrypgen is the current leader in this space.

Investors should also take note that Encrypgen currently has an ICO cap of approximately $3.1 million.  Based on some of the other valuations I’ve seen in the crypto space, that is a significant undervaluation.  A $3.1 million valuation for a market leader in one of the fastest growing spaces that is about to release game changing technology doesn’t make much sense to me.  I am expecting a sharp and rapid increase once the Gene-Chain is being used by researchers.  The opportunity to accumulate at these prices won’t exist for much longer.

Featured image courtesy of Shutterstock.