EncrypGen (DNA) Surges Ahead After Two Major Announcements

Although nobody enjoys a bear market, the downturn has afforded me more time to research promising technology instead of worrying about trading patterns.  Not all projects will survive this downturn.  In fact, most probably won’t.  Instead, companies that have delivered upon their goals and promises will be the ones that soar like eagles.  EncrypGen (DNA) is an extremely promising company I have been following since their Initial Coin Offering in 2017.


EncrypGen made global headlines in November when it launched the world’s first blockchain based genetic data marketplace.  The marketplace, called the Gene-Chain, brings together buyers and sellers to facilitate the exchange of genomic data.  Consumers will be able to both safely store their genetic data and, if they choose, generate passive income by selling that same data to researchers.  The good news for data sellers is that EncrypGen just made a major announcement which will make cashing out much easier.

Consumers Can Now Withdraw Via Bitcoin

As of Monday, consumers can now withdraw the proceeds from their data sales via Bitcoin.  This will allow consumers a quick, convenient, and safe method to withdraw their earnings and use it for whatever they choose.  With the holidays coming up, this is a perfect opportunity for consumers to generate some extra cash that can be used toward making the holidays extra special for everyone.  The next part of this process will include the ERC20/ETH integration.  The integration is expected to be completed in January.

Partnership With Murrieta Genomics

In addition to the new withdrawal method, EncrypGen also made headlines by announcing a major new partnership with Murrieta Genomics.  Murrieta Genomics is a genomic sequencing incubator based out of California.  Murrieta has agreed to offer EncrypGen’s Gene-Chain to the Genomic Data Industry.  This will greatly benefit both individual data users and researchers.  The hope is that this blockchain based solution will lead to more efficient and effective healthcare through the advancement of new medical treatments.

EncrypGen’s Chief Strategist, Joe Cawley, had this to stay about the partnership:

“Today’s Partnership moves Gene-Chain up the value chain toward those generating Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) genomic data, assays and testing techniques.  NGS genomic data unlocks the multi-trillion dollar personalized medicine market.”

Indeed, the opportunity currently available in genomics and personalized medicine is enormous.  Although there are a few competitors in this space, they have yet to even release an alpha platform.  Additionally, given the regulatory hurdles that new entrants will face, EncrypGen’s closest competitors are likely years behind.  As those competitors work on getting a platform built, EncrypGen will be focused on developing strategic partnerships that will enable the Gene-Chain to become the world’s go-to marketplace for genetic data transactions.


With the Gene-Chain now live, EncrypGen is focusing its attention on developing more strategic initiatives such as the partnership with Murrieta Genomics.  DNA token holders can expect more announcements like this over the next 6 months.

Although the crypto market is extremely depressing for all involved, traders must not lose sight of the end goal.  I recently wrote an article that the crypto market is still in the earliest phase of the technology adoption lifecycle.  EncrypGen is a pioneer in both crypto and genomics.  And I fully expect EncrypGen to not only survive the bear market but to prevail in the end.