This Element Cube Contains 62 Natural Elements from Our Planet

An entrepreneur named Cillian McMinn from Belfast, Northern Ireland has developed a minimalist, decorative cube called the “Element Cube” that contains 62 elements designed as a unique jewelry or table/desk ornament. McMinn has launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign that already has $48,062 USD pledged from 607 backers to bring his idea to market.

Cube on desk

He advertises this two-inch-square cube as containing over half of the planet’s building blocks.

People who make pledges can be rewarded with different forms of the cube, based on the amount of their pledge. Rewards include a digital poster, a custom engraving, bracelets and necklaces are all currently available for pledges. There is also a gift set containing one necklace, one bracelet and one cube. There is also a multi-pack.

62 Elements From The Periodic Table

The cube contains 62 elements from the Periodic Table of elements.

Element cube

McMinn said he came up with the idea for the cube from wondering what would be the coolest thing he could put on his desk. “Take half the world’s elements with you, wherever you go,” McMinn notes on the Kickstarter page.

It comes in two finishes, semi-polished and polished.

One of its unique features is that while simple in design, the cube is more rugged than it looks. McMinn claims the cube is scratch resistant and will last a lifetime.

The Cube Appeals To A Variety Of Interests

McMinn sees the cube as perfect for people who love science, metallurgy, innovation or things that are quirky.


The cube is being produced by a supplier experienced in producing intricate metal parts who has access to all the metals in the cube. McMinn noted he investigated different metallurgy companies in Asia and Europe before deciding on a producer.

The cube is made using a process called “powder metallurgy,” which involves pressing together all 62 metals in powder form.

Science Alert noted that while there are more than 62 elements on the Periodic Table, some can only be synthetically produced, some only exist in gas form and some are radioactive. Hence, McMinn is correct in describing his cube as containing all the world’s “collectible” elements. Science Alert further noted the cube ships with a material analysis report stating what percent of each metal the alloy contains.

Popular Mechanics noted that Aluminum has the highest quantity of the cube’s elements to ensure the alloy’s structural strength.

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Cubes Available Before Christmas

Cube stack

The cubes will be available before Christmas, McMinn said. He said he is working with Shipwire to handle the deliveries using fulfillment centers in the U.S. and the U.K.

The crowdfunding campaign has already gone beyond its initial goal by at least a full 12 times, with the tally currently over $50,000 far exceeding an initial $3,800 goal.

Images from The Element Cube Kickstarter campaign.

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