Electroneum Coin Price Surges 31% On Launch of Instant Crypto Payment App

The newly launched beta-version of the Electroneum mobile payment app went live this week. And as successful reports filter in from testers from around the globe, the good news is translating into positive sentiment on the exchanges for the ETN coin.

ETN Price On the Up

In the twenty-four hour period leading up to the morning of September 20th, ETN gained 31% on its value. The coin price climbed from the daily low of $0.005203, up to the latest peak of $0.006827.

New volume continues to pour in at time of writing, after climbing throughout the day from around $180,000 to $570,000 – just over a 216% increase. Weekly gains stand at 34%, but only really heated up in the last two days as news of Electroneum’s app came to be known.

ETN/BTC trades are the most dominant, with over 80% coming from Cryptopia and Kucoin alone. The coin had long been lingering outside the market cap top one-hundred after 85% losses from Q2 into Q3.

All-time lows were reached as early as April for ETN, and the coin continued to notch up new lows right through the year. Sentiment had perhaps soured on the coin after the company website suffered a DDoS attack in April of 2018, prompting them to lock user accounts and deny access to funds while they attempted to address the problem.

Electroneum App Rolls Out

The beta-version of the app was released this week, and Electroneum’s twitter feed was inundated with accounts from individual and business users who had successfully tested the product.

One video showed a merchant in Egypt demonstrate setting up the app to transact with the existing retail API most prevalent among retailers in the nation. Another batch of tests were carried out by users on Reddit, who successfully transacted some ETN between Japan and the U.S in a matter of seconds.

Last night, founder and CEO Richard Ells released this blog post celebrating what appears to be a successful beta-launch, saying:

“Easy access for users was the first step and we’ve now had over 1m app installs and we’re proud to say the Electroneum app has the same retention level as Instagram (®)!”

According to Electroneum, they currently have over 1.6 million registered users. If true, that would make it one of the most adopted crypto apps to date. The blockchain-based social media site, Steemit, has been around for over two years, and has just over 1.1 million registered users.

It’s worth noting that the app requires some level of centralization. Essentially it is running a centralized app on top of a decentralized blockchain. The company say this is required since waiting for block confirmations would make merchant payments impractical.

Featured image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Greg Thomson is a freelance writer who contributes to leading cryptocurrency and blockchain publications like CCN, Hacked, and others.