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Edward Snowden Joins Twitter and Follows the NSA

Edward Snowden Joins Twitter and Follows the NSA

by Samburaj DasSeptember 29, 2015

10 thousand new followers every three minutes. Edward Snowden’s foray into Twitter has gone viral.

Edward Snowden was and is a wanted man. He is, however, not being subtle about it. The NSA whistleblower just joined Twitter and had this to say:

A former employee of the CIA, Snowden, now living in Russia after seeking asylum has also found a Twitter account to follow, the NSA.

This reporter at Hacked reached out to Edward Snowden with a request for an interview via a direct message on Twitter. However, it was celebrated astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson who was already interviewing Snowden on Twitter after the duo’s recent conversation covering all manner of interesting issues such as aliens, science, encryption and of course, online privacy.

Like many others, Neil deGrasse Tyson welcomed Edward Snowden to Twitter with a well-timed tweet.

Snowden promptly replied, with humor:

Neil deGrasse Tyson then quizzed Snowden:

Snowden responds again with humor that goes well on Twitter and the things he has been up to:

Tyson then asked the question that splits opinion among all who know of NSA whistleblower and privacy advocate Snowden.  Hero or traitor?

Snowden simply responded:

After their recent conversation on Neil deGrasse Tyson’s radio show – Star Talk Radio, the celebrated astrophysicist concluded the quick interview:

To which Snowden responded with what he has been saying all along:

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  • chopkoski

    Hmm, so Snowboy has gone feed and read and joshs Tyson about piddling on Mars…well, well, well….ain’t the hoot become a holler…

    • Andrea van de Kleut

      you got issue’s much?

      • chopkoski

        Yes snickers…with slimeballs. But you eat them with relish…

        • DCmehome

          When you went pejorative with the characterization of “a slimeball” without explanation you may have risked a perception of having “gone troll” with your comments.

          To wit:

          Snowden is paying a pretty heavy price for acting for, what he perceived to be, the interests of the greater good. He knew what his recompense would be, yet he acted anyway. I don’t believe he is insane or a masochist.

          I’m not sure that one who, in good conscience, acts for what he perceives as the greater good rather than their singular interest is “a slimeball”.

          In medicine and law we have “good samaritan” laws to protect people who act in good conscience to aid a person in distress. In business, we have “whistleblower” laws to protect the same. In national security, espionage laws ensures no quarter. Snowden knew that.

          We can argue about whether or not he achieved a better society through his actions. But, that’s not my point. My point is that from all I’ve followed and read, he does appear to be a man of conscience and integrity. I would argue that a person of conscience and integrity is the antithesis of “a slimeball”.

          To be honest, I’m in no position to do the calculus of whether or not Snowden hurt people or broke things with his actions. So, in ignorance, I will defer that point.

          • chopkoski

            Well, you are not a person of action…and of little thought. Your diatribe beats around the bush and comes to no conclusion other than you feel yourself…some kind of “Saint finder”, which would have made you a hero in the 13th century, but is kinda abstract in today’s world.
            BTW, how do you chose a girlfriend?

          • DCmehome

            My point was singular. I will repeat it simply for your review:

            I find it difficult to characterize Snowden as “a slimeball”.

            Tangential and unfounded characterizations of myself are laughable, but will not be entertained. Good day.

          • chopkoski

            You really got your ass in gear…but did not answer the questions, to wit: As to your famous “timeline” of projection, ie, bringing out what you would like to pose as…”non-slimeball”; not done. And, as to your girlfriend issue. Now that fits the same logic as the slimeball appellation, a sincere gesture of negative caliber that retains its own.

  • chopkoski

    And Snowboy just might get on Dancing with the Stars…satellite from a Moscow stage. Ain’t that the cat’s meow….

  • chopkoski

    Of course, the up and coming job for Snowboy would be Road Pizza Divination, seeing the future in road kill. Surely, a step up from his present tense of being Putin’s choir boy.