Dogecoin Price Surges 20% After Robinhood Listing

Dogecoin has been one of the day’s biggest movers, climbing 20.8% and trebling its daily volume in the process.

Given that we’re dealing with DOGE, we’re going to have to make full use of our decimal places. This time last night one DOGE coin was trading at a price of $0.0024. Fast forward 24 hours and its value now stands at $0.0029 – that’s a 20.8% growth which has come fairly steadily over the last day, except for the brief spike which sent it to $0.0027 at 6pm (UTC) last night.

Today’s movement puts Dogecoin at 31.8% gains for the week, based on the $0.0022 starting point seven days ago.

Looking at DOGE’s monthly numbers, we see that it has now returned to the monthly high with its breach of the $0.0029 mark today. But as is always the case at this stage of a market downturn, such numbers require to be placed in the larger context. Three months ago, during the mild peak of April, one DOGE was worth $0.0058, meaning that even with today’s growth factored in, Dogecoin is still down 50% over the last 90 days.

Robinhood and DOGE

Recently launched crypto exchange, Robinhood, added Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin just last week, and now a press release has dropped which signals Dogecoin’s integration onto the Robinhood platform. As stated in the release:

“Starting today, you can invest in Dogecoin on Robinhood Crypto, commission-free. With last week’s announcement of Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash, you can now invest in five different cryptocurrencies on Robinhood.”

Robinhood is a U.S based exchange which offers compatibility with stocks and ETF trading, as well as cryptocurrencies. The service is only available in the U.S at the moment, but has not yet been rolled out across all states. According to Robinhood they are currently working on extending their reach beyond the current 17 states they have already.

“We’re working hard to make Robinhood Crypto available to everyone, and it’s currently available in 17 states: AZ, CA, CO, FL, IN, MA, MI, MS, MO, MT, NJ, NM, PA, TX, UT, VA, and WI.”

Beyond the Meme

Everyone will be somewhat familiar with DOGE’s humble beginnings in the crypto space, and many initially derided it for its seeming silliness and triviality.

Yet the community at large thought differently, and eventually DOGE grew in stature to become a regular fixture in the top-100 coins, and has taken its position just in front of the fire in the cryptocurrency living room.

During January’s peak DOGE reached a market cap of over $2 billion and a price of $0.0178. DOGE’s 11 billion circulating supply contributes to keeping its relative value down, but Dogecoin has often popped up as the most transacted cryptocurrency in existence at certain times, although not necessarily the most valuable.

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Greg Thomson is a freelance writer who contributes to leading cryptocurrency and blockchain publications like CCN, Hacked, and others.