Do You Wonder if Your Passwords are Leaked on the Dark Web?

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Are you afraid that your passwords have been leaked on the Dark Web? We (Hacked) specialize in protecting individuals and families from cybercrime and digital abuse. Therefore we have decided to provide a free service for anyone concerned about their online security.

FYI: Do not send us your passwords. The only thing we need for doing a full search on the Dark Web is your Usernames and/or Emails.

We will do a manual search for your credentials on the Dark Web by filling out the form below. If we find passwords from your accounts on the Dark Web, we will immediately notify you. For free, you will know which accounts that have been breached. If you want to know which passwords are leaked, we will charge you a small fee of $19 that also includes our Digital Protection Plan.

All information collected is held confidential and won’t be misused. If you want to learn more about us, please click here.

Fill out this form below and we will get in touch within 24 hours

If you want to learn how to ensure that your passwords are safe, read our password guide here.

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Get Your Digital Protection Plan

With your Digital Protection plan, we will help you immediately if you have been hacked, had your photos or videos leaked, or if your identity has been misused.

Get Your Digital Protection plan for just €1 here!

Order a Security Audit here.

Get Immediate Help here.

Jonas Borchgrevink
Jonas Borchgrevink
A true digital entrepreneur worked in multiple organizations, a Global Shapers Alumni by WEF, founder of,, Tailored Message. Has extensive knowledge within the cybersecurity field. Director of Hawkfish AS and

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