Digibyte Price Jumps 18% Following CNBC Coverage

As the markets started to turn this morning a few coins quickly raced out in front. Within the top-10 EOS was the strongest grower with over 9% growth in the last couple of hours.

But of all the coins in the top-40, Digibyte stands out as the strongest performer in a morning of strong performers.

Yesterday evening (UTC) one DGB coin was worth $0.0338, and by the time of writing that price now stands at $0.0401. That marks 18% growth and gives DGB the title of 5th strongest performer out of the top-100 this morning.

Digibyte’s weekly high of $0.0458 is still some way off, but depending on the strength of today’s market recovery DGB could perhaps clear its weekly high before the week is over.

Close to 95% of DGB’s daily volume has come against BTC, with ETH trades making up only a fraction of the 24 hour total.

Digibyte Gets CNBC Coverage

Last Friday, the 13th of June, turned out to be quite a lucky day for Digibyte as it got a taste of what all coins crave at this early stage of the crypto boom – mainstream media coverage.

Digibyte’s founder, Jared Tate, joined CNBC’s ‘Cryptoman’ Ran Neu-Ner to talk about a range of crypto and blockchain related issues, while also filling viewers in on the potential of his own project.

The Digibyte community is one of the most active on Twitter, and was recently buoyed by the rollout of the Digibyte Awareness Team which aims to spread word of DGB’s features potential. The Twitter community had been requesting that Neu-Ner interview Jared Tate for a while, and they finally got their wish, as Neu-Ner said:

“Dear @DigiByteCoin community. You asked me for a year and here it is, my gift to you, my interview on CNBC with @jaredctate.”

DGB Listed on Cryptopia

Digibyte was recently listed on the token exchange Cryptopia, and while the bulk of the daily trades are still coming from Bittrex, Poloniex and Upbit, the Cryptopia trading pairs are slowly starting to heat up. Right now only around 2% of DGB’s daily volume is coming from Cryptopia, but today’s surge might see that change very soon.

The Cryptopia team took to Twitter on July 12th with an announcement that the DGB/USDT trading pair was now functioning and ready to trade:

“Hi Cryptopians! We are happy to announce the opening of the DGB/USDT trade pair as of 10pm UTC. You can start trading with this pair from now. Happy trading!”

At the moment no DGB/USDT trades have taken place, according to CMC, and Tether trades make up less than 1% of the total volume across various exchanges.

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Greg Thomson is a freelance writer who contributes to leading cryptocurrency and blockchain publications like CCN, Hacked, and others.