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Despite Security Issues, Chrysler-Fiat Sales Jumped 6% in July

Despite Security Issues, Chrysler-Fiat Sales Jumped 6% in July

by P. H. MadoreAugust 3, 2015

Chrysler has recorded gains for 64 months straight in the United States, and despite security vulnerability revelations that came out last month, July was no exception. The company posted more than 6% in gains in the United States in July over June.

This could explain the company’s willingness to recall vehicles that have certain security weaknesses that allowed them to be shut down remotely while in operation. Interestingly, the Jeep brand, which was the target of the hacking revelations, was one of Chrysler’s biggest performers, posting a 23% gain in sales.

Compared to other major auto manufacturers, Chrysler is doing well. By acting quickly in response to security concerns, and later in response to a problem with Dodge Charger, the company is doing its best to maintain friendly relations with its US customers. Overall, Fiat’s small car division lost 15% in revenue. A recent proposed US law would make mistakes of the kind that were in the Jeep illegal.

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Chrysler is among the first automakers to have to deal with the consequences of providing creature comforts such as WiFi and GPS in vehicles. These technologies may be handy, but they are also security vulnerabilities waiting to happen. If the future includes vehicles and airplanes equipped with communications equipment, then it also includes hackers, good and bad, penetration testing the security of these infrastructures.

GM also experienced a security breach of its OnStar system recently.

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