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Darktrace Finds $100M in Funding

Darktrace Finds $100M in Funding

by P. H. MadoreJuly 22, 2015

darktrace-logo-darktrace-cyber-security-raises-fundsDarktrace predicates on the idea that cyber-security threats can be detected no matter their origin, if the machine knows what is normal for the human user and what is not. Through machine-learning, the software detects suspicious activity, actively closing the range of possibilities for exploit discovery and malware development.

The logic is simple: software is made by humans, including malware, and as such will always find a way to disclose itself to an omnipotent artificial intelligence. In the company’s words, “Darktrace understands the human traces behind every attack.” Think insanely strong anti-virus combined with 24/7 network monitoring, with an emphasis on internal operations.

Now the company, which was initially backed by Mike Lynch, a veteran of enterprise environment administration solutions (Hewlett-Packard), has raised $100 million between several backers, notably and most recently Summit Partners, who’ve previously invested in ventures such as AVAST Software and Uber. The company was Lynch’s first investment after HP’s $11 billion acquisition of Autonomy Corporation, which ultimately drove him to flee HP. Now HP is suing Lynch and one other party for a combined total of more than $5 billion, claiming that the two mismanaged Autonomy.

Darktrace focuses on being ahead of the dangers, identifying new possible attack vectors and human behavior that leads to breaches. It is an innovative attempt to deal with human error problems such as social engineering-based exploits, like phishing.

The new funding will be used to expand the company’s operations globally, as Lynch told Reuters that the business “is growing exponentially.”

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