DarkOverlord Hacker Group Demands Bitcoin Ransom or 9/11 ‘Truth’ Will be Revealed

The hacker group known collectively as thedarkoverlord has revealed itself to be in possession of highly sensitive stolen documents pertaining to the truth surrounding the events of September 11th, 2001.

The group hacked the private databanks of global insurance firms such as Lloyds of London and Hiscox Syndicates Ltd, and have demanded an unspecified sum in Bitcoin in return for not making the files public.


The hacker group have a long and ‘successful’ history of high-profile attacks against various corporate entities. Not all have been benevolent, such as the attack on a medical center which acquired sensitive patient data and then demanded payment for its removal from public view.

In 2017 the group hacked Netflix servers and stole an entire new season of Orange Is The New Black, which was then posted online before its release date.

The current batch of documents arrived as a result of a previous blackmail effort against insurance group Hiscox Syndicates Ltd. After Hiscox paid the hacker group to keep sensitive documents quiet, the insurance firm reneged on their part of the deal and got the authorities involved.

This made thedarkoverlord re-double their efforts against the firm, and now threaten to sell everything they have to the highest bidders. This is all according to a pastebin post by the group which details, and brags about, recent events.

9/11 Truth

According to the post, the majority of the documents are files which were supposed to be routinely deleted by insurance firms after their inspection. These files were not deleted, however, and the group have already released photographs of internal documents from the period directly following 9/11.

“What we’ll be releasing is the truth. The truth about one of the most recognisable incidents in recent history and one which is shrouded in mystery with little transparency and not many answers.”

The treasure trove of documents, which number 18,000 and are currently posted publicly but heavily encrypted, also draw from the internal communications at Silverstein Properties – the owners of the World Trade Center real estate.

The group’s motives are not easily ascribed, as evidenced by this statement welcoming bids from anyone and everyone, including terrorist groups:

“If you’re a terrorist organisation such as ISIS/ISIL, Al-Qaeda, or a competing nation state of the USA such as China or Russia, you’re welcome to purchase our trove of documents.”

The Pursuit of Internet Money

The group claim that they have no political motivations whatsoever, and do what they do purely in the pursuit of…

“…Internet money. (Bitcoin)…”

Details on how to access the files are posted in the pastebin document. Individuals who think they might be associated with the documents are also offered the chance to pay in BTC to have their names redacted before release.

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