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Daily Analysis: Pound Skyrockets as Theresa May Calls For UK Election

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Daily Analysis: Pound Skyrockets as Theresa May Calls For UK Election


This article was posted on Tuesday, 15:57, UTC.

Tuesday Market Recap Asset Current Value Daily Change S&P 500 2341 -0.15% DAX 12043 -0.54% WTI Crude Oil 52.80 -0.27% GOLD 1283.50 0.22% Bitcoin 1210 2.71% EUR/USD 1.0690 0.44%   Global stocks are slightly lower today following the long Easter weekend, as political news have been dominating headlines. The North Korean tensions continue to build, while the controversies regarding the Turkish referendum and today’s announcement by PM added more uncertainty to the mix. Turkish assets are still slightly higher than their pre-election levels, as investors fear that the current situation is far from stable. European stocks continue to underperform their…

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