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CUJO Offers Business Level CyberSecurity In The Comfort Of Your Home

CUJO Offers Business Level CyberSecurity In The Comfort Of Your Home

by ShowcaseOctober 7, 2015

Los Angeles isn’t known for its booming tech community. Yet a vibrant tech community, often referred to as ‘Silicon Beach’, has formed outside of the southern California city. One company calling the Redondo Beach home, CUJO, recently made big waves in the world of crowdsourcing.

CUJO has raised more than $128,000 on Indiegogo towards protecting web-connected devices at home. The financial goal for that campaign was $30,000.

The smart, cloud-based IoT offers business level security for home devices. Firewall, antivirus, malware and deep-packet inspection technology combine to ensure your smart TVs, computers, tablets and other devices remain safe from hackers.

“My kids started using tablets before they began talking,” co-founder and CEO Einaras Gravrock told Hacked.

I looked for ways to improve our Internet security, having heard stories that these new smart devices are easy targets for criminals.

What he found was either designed for a PC or too expensive and complicated for home users. Co-founder & Chairman Yuri Frayman approached him with a similar problem.

“He had a solution in mind that was both brilliant from the tech perspective, and simple from the ease-of-use perspective,” Gravrock said.

CUJO protects your computers differently than other cyber security solutions, which generally maintain a library of known issues. CUJO, instead, analyzes attacks as they come in and pushes these upgrades to all the homes it secures.

“CUJO acts as a gateway to your network,” Gravrock told Hacked. “It inspects packets entering and leaving the network, analyzes content locally, and inspects behavior in the cloud. By connecting your CUJO to our cloud we are able to continuously improve it and adapt to new threats.”


CUJO Head Office

CUJO, which uses a 1GHz Cavium Dual COre Processor, utilizes the following measures of security for your home smart devices: Rule Based Protection Machine Learning Protection Deep-Packet Inspection Virus Protection Malware Protection Hack Protection Mobile App For Android & iOS.

On CUJO’s mobile app, you can see an overview of all connected devices and receive alerts when threats are neutralized. CUJO encrypts all data on its network and credit card data is stored outside the main storage system.

People will still need to install Antivirus, because CUJO solves different problems. Antivirus software discovers and removes viruses that had been installed on your computer.

“Think of it was a way to cure the disease,” Gravrock said. “I guess that is why they ‘quarantine’ those viruses.  CUJO aims to block from such threats entering your network in the first place.” So, in a way, CUJO is something entirely different.

Think of CUJO as an immunity system for your home network. Sometimes even the strongest immunity systems can fail, so it is important to have multiple layers of security in your home.

CUJO faces a huge challenge, and the startup recognizes that.

“We expected for CUJO to be a hit, given how many concerned people there are,” he told Hacked. “So we brought together a team of professionals who have a track record solving similar problems.” Ultimately, CUJO wants to people to be safe in our digital future, as Gravrock explains:

Our homes are full of devices that are connected to the Internet. They bring a lot of good to our lives but they are also easy targets for cyber criminals. And people know that since the issue has been reported countless times by the media. Today 1% of our ‘things’ are connected to the Internet. Yet we are already seeing a tremendous amount of security and privacy breaches. Imagine the world when 20%, 50%, or 99% of things go online. Our goal is to provide an option for our homes to be a little safer in that world.

CUJO’s monthly subscription runs for $8.99. The annual subscription will save you some money, priced at $89. Indiegogo contributors can save money now on the system.

For only $49 users can receive the beautiful CUJO device and 6 months of free service. There’s no commitment to continue beyond the 6 months. “We are confident that our backers will enjoy the CUJO experience enough to subscribe for the long term. We also offer additional rewards and ways to earn even more free service by inviting friends to get a CUJO.”

Go to the IndieGoGo project here.

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