Crypto Update: Zilliqa a Good Buy on Dips

Zilliqa (ZIL/BTC) has been on our radar ever since it revisited a price level of 0.0000039 on November 20, 2018. At that point, we were curious whether the market would respect its previous low or breach the support and print a new 2018 low. We got a little bit of both and that’s the stuff that makes crypto very exciting.

While Zilliqa printed a new 2018 low of 0.00000347 on November 25, bulls managed to lift the market back above 0.0000039 on November 27 with heavy volume. This fakeout gave this coin a new lease in life and the market is not taking the opportunity for granted. In this article, we reveal why Zilliqa presents a good buy on dip opportunity.

Solid Base at Parabolic Support

Zilliqa bottoming out and accumulating around 0.0000039 is no coincidence. This is the level where the market rejected lower prices in March 2018. Zilliqa’s ability to stay above 0.0000039 back then sparked a parabolic run that saw the market climb as high as 0.00002508 on May 10. Thus, it is not surprising for the market to return to its low level and start a new market cycle.

To build its base, Zilliqa spent 154 days range trading between 0.0000039 and 0.000006. That’s over five months dedicated to accumulation. We’ve seen many altcoins with significantly shorter accumulation periods launch massive bull runs.

Daily chart of ZIL/BTC

With a solid base in place, you can be fairly certain that market participants will buy the dips. Like you, they also likely know that the market spent a lot of time base-building. Therefore, they’ll take advantage of any opportunity to get in cheap before the market launches its bull run.

Breakout from Consolidation

After five months of base-building, the market appears ready to break out from a double bottom pattern. It made a strong push yesterday, January 15, 2019, to take out our range high of 0.000006. The move up was supported by above-average volume. So far today, the market has managed to stay above 0.000006.

ZIL/BTC Double bottom breakout

This price action tells us that Zilliqa is raring to launch a bull run. This type of bullish momentum is rare in crypto nowadays. With so many suffering from heavy losses in this bear market, a lot of people are eager to ride on markets that are showing bullish potential. As Zilliqa continues to show strength, participants will likely buy on dips in the hope of either growing their capital or recouping losses.  

Key Levels to Watch

If you’re looking to place a long position in Zilliqa, we believe that one of these two scenarios can play out.

The first scenario shows the market pumping in the next few days. The pump might send the market to as high as 0.00000685 where Zilliqa will likely face heavy resistance from bears. If bulls succumb, Zilliqa might retest 0.000006 before resuming its uptrend.

ZIL/BTC Scenario 1

The other scenario involves an immediate throwback as Zilliqa succumbs to profit taking. We can see it retesting support of 0.00000575. If Zilliqa respects the support, the market would print a bullish higher low setup. This will likely send the market to greater heights.

ZIL/BTC Scenario 2

Bottom Line

With an extensive base and a recent breakout from consolidation, Zilliqa is a good buy on dips. It appears that the market now belongs to a small group of alts that show bullish potential. This makes Zilliqa attractive to investors who are looking to grow their capital or recoup their losses.

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