Crypto Update: Market Still on Bullish Track as China, US Closed

The segment might be in for a long weekend regarding trading activity, as both the US and Chinese traditional markets are closed, for the New Year and Presidents’ Day, respectively. That said, the major coins could still provide important clues about the state of the current uptrend, as the crucial correction that started yesterday is still ongoing, even with some of the currencies showing encouraging relative strength.

The positive signs that we have been monitoring throughout the rally continue to persist, and as we mentioned yesterday, this pullback is very important in establishing a bullish cycle in the sector after the preceding steep decline.

Correlations remain relatively low, the momentum of the decline stayed muted so far, the leaders of the rally are still behaving well, so bulls could be looking for another leg higher soon.

BTC/USD, 4-Hour Chart Analysis

Bitcoin is trading slightly below its weekend highs after spiking down towards the $10,000 support yesterday, as the largest coin recovered well following the initial move.

BTC still faces strong resistance near $11,300, with the next major level ahead at $13,000, and as the short-term momentum indicators still have room to correct, the consolidation could continue in the coming days with crucial support below $10,000 found in the $9000-$9200 range.

Ethereum Classic Leading Again

ETC/USD, 4-Hour Chart Analysis

Ethereum Classic continues to spearhead the rally, as the coin already hit a new cycle high above $38 today in early trading, and although the correction, which started before the segment-wide pullback could still continue, the relative strength of the coin is encouraging.

Above the current levels, further resistance is ahead only near $43 and $47, the all-time high for the currency. ETC could be the first major to score a record high after the correction, but long-term investors should be aware that another bullish swing could already carry the coin to overbought momentum readings, with it being already up almost three times off the crash lows, so now we wouldn’t add to long-term holdings.

LTC/USD, 4-Hour Chart Analysis

The other major altcoin are behind ETC in the cycle, with LTC and Monero still being the strongest from a technical perspective. Both coins are still trading in orderly short-term corrections above the previously dominant declining trendline, and they will likely continue to lead the broad rally. Ripple could also be ready for a move after its longer correction, and NEO is still showing surprising in today’s quiet environment, with the rest of the majors being virtually unchanged.

Stay tuned for our detailed technical analysis later on today.

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Disclaimer:  The analyst owns cryptocurrencies. He holds investment positions in the coins, but doesn’t engage in short-term or day-trading, nor does he hold short positions on any of the coins.

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