Crypto Update: Lisk’s Bearishness Hides True Trend

Many avid cryptocurrency traders have taken Lisk off of their watchlist (LSK/BTC) and for good reason. The pair has plummeted like a shooting star crashing down the surface of the planet. From the high of 0.003398 on February 10, 2018, LSK/BTC is down below 0.00043 today. The pair’s fall wiped out almost 90% of its value.

Nevertheless, long-term investors shouldn’t be worried. As bearish as Lisk looks, we are convinced that it is not yet ready to go the way of the dinosaurs. On the contrary, LSK/BTC is flashing signals that it is about to come back to life soon. If it does, it will confirm our assumption that Lisk is currently range trading.

Lisk is Locked in a Wide Trading Range   

If you’re an experienced technical analyst, then one of the things that you probably do is map out key areas of support and resistance. This helps you determine the overall trend of the market. It is then easy to come up with a strategy once you establish the trend.

We performed these steps in our analysis of Lisk and the charts showed us that the pair is range trading when looking at it from a long-term perspective.

Weekly chart of LSK/BTC

LSK/BTC is locked in a wide trading range. The bottom of the range is support of 0.0004, the middle is 0.0016, and the top end is 0.0032. The market has been trading within this range since May 2017.

The “smart money” investors buy the bottom of the range. You can see this as volume spikes whenever the pair drops to this level. This tells us that they accumulated enough positions to influence market movement. As soon as they are ready, they spark a rally and constrict supply to inflate market price. Then, they wait for the top to start distributing positions.  

Volume differences in the daily chart of LSK/BTC

The “smart money” investors are very likely to repeat the process once LSK/BTC hits the bottom end of the range. We see that process developing right now.

Breakout from a Falling Wedge

Lisk is fond of falling wedges. Between June and December 2017, the pair broke out from three falling wedges as it range traded between 0.0004 and 0.0016. This appears to be the pattern used by “smart money” investors to distribute positions and keep prices from climbing further.

Fast-forward to today and we see that LSK/BTC has created another falling wedge on the daily chart.   

Daily chart of LSK/BTC

What’s interesting is that the apex of the falling wedges always formed around the bottom end of the range at 0.0004. This usually sets up the market for a bounce and a breakout that sends the pair to the midpoint of the range.

We believe that the market is repeating the same process today. LSK/BTC is in extreme oversold territory on the daily RSI. On top of that, the stochastics are respecting support of 3.08. This support has never been breached. The market may linger on this level but it always bounces. This tells us LSK/BTC can only get stronger from this point.

Bottom Line

LSK/BTC may have lost over 90% of its value from the high of 0.003398, making the market look ultra bearish to many investors. However, technical analysis from a long-term perspective show that the pair is currently range trading. Breakout from the current falling wedge should confirm this assumption.

Featured image courtesy of Shutterstock. 

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