Crypto Update: 5 Altcoins to Watch This Week

Bitcoin had another rough week. As a result, altcoins that were included on last week’s list either dumped or stayed close to support. Nevertheless, having a clearly defined range enables you to quickly react when an altcoin either goes below the support or breaches the resistance. You can form expectations as to where the market might go next.

We’ll do more of the same this week. Here are five altcoins to watch this week.


Waves pumped hard last week. It climbed as high as 0.0005965 on December 4 from a low of 0.0002336 on November 21. If you failed to ride the early stages of a huge rally, the next best thing is to wait for the pullback.

Daily chart WAVES/BTC

Waves appears to have retested resistance of 0.0004715. It is also in overbought territory so we can expect a deeper retrace this week.

A good pick up area would be between 0.000352 and 0.0003835. These are solid weekly support areas. On top of that, the 200-day moving average is moving around those levels.

If Waves moves below 0.000352, it is likely that there will be a full retrace back to 0.0002336.


EOS breached range support of 0.000697 on December 1. Considering that the market had been relying on this support since August 14, the breakdown sparked panic selling. Participants who bought within the range raced to dump their positions. As a result, the market nosedived to 0.0004721 on December 7.

Daily chart EOS/BTC

With this breakdown, EOS is now trading within a new range. The range low is weekly support of 0.0005021, midpoint is 0.0006015, and the range resistance is 0.000697. You know the drill: to trade this range, a trader needs to buy the support and sell the resistance.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH/BTC)

Bitcoin Cash (BCH/BTC) has been feeling the effects of gravitational pull after a glorious first week of November. The meteoric rise to 0.098035 on November 7 is now being met by a massive dump. So far, the market is en route for a full retrace. That’s perfect for those who want to play the range.

Daily chart BCH/BTC

0.06815 is a good pick up point if you’re looking to bottom pick the market. However, don’t immediately buy the drop because there’s a chance that market makers will push prices further down to liquidate range low buyers. Instead, wait for Bitcoin Cash to retest the support on the 1-hour chart. This should increase the likelihood of a strong bounce.

Republic Protocol (REN/BTC)

Republic Protocol (REN/BTC) has the makings of the next Ravencoin (RVN/BTC) in terms of price action. The market skyrocketed to a high of 0.00000838 on December 9 from a low of 0.00000551 on December 8. That was an increase of over 52% within 24 hours.

As expected, the pump was followed by a pullback. This is where it gets interesting for us.

1-hour chart REN/BTC

For REN to continue its bullish sentiment, it must recover support of 0.0000704. That should give the market the momentum to test 0.00000816 resistance. On the other hand, a breach below immediate support of 0.00000672 is bearish. It can lead to a full retrace to 0.00000551. If that happens, you can always bottom pick the market.


YOYOW is the last coin in our altcoins list. From a low of 0.00000290 on September 12, YOYOW (YOYO/BTC) had a beautiful run that saw the market climb as high as 0.00000755 on November 2, 2018. That’s an increase of 160% in less than three weeks. If you see a move like this in a bear market, expect a dump to ensue. That’s exactly what happened.

Daily chart YOYO/BTC

With this dump, the market’s current range is between 0.00000290 and 0.00000550 with a midpoint at 0.00000420. YOYO made it on this week’s list because it just retested the midpoint. The price action makes it very likely for the market to revisit the range support. If the support holds, YOYO/BTC would form a triple bottom structure.

Bottom Line

With Bitcoin printing new lows last week, this week’s list involved altcoins that are ripe for bottom picking. If you’re planning to trade one or more of these coins, you can follow the range that we’ve put together for you. As always, consider buying the support and selling the resistance.


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