Crypto Pullback – Where’s the Support?

Looks like we have some panic selling on the top cryptos this morning.

Ripple has slipped below support of $1.5 per XRP and bitcoin has just fallen through $12,000.

The reason for the sell-off is not quite clear but we can see reduced volumes from Japan and South Korea who are usually the ones doing the heavy buying in this market.

In today’s market webinar we’re going to talk about where might be a good place to buy this dip and how to position your portfolio during this kind of pullback.

The webinar will be at 15:00 GMT and is open to everyone.

eToro, Senior Market Analyst

Today’s Highlights

  • Good Returns
  • Swiss Depreciation
  • Crypto Pullback – How low can you go?

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Traditional markets

Today investors on Wall Street will be coming back from their long weekend in a particularly good mood. The stocks have been flying in Asia so far this year and the Europeans have done a good job recouping the losses from December.

Wall Street herself has been having a record year so far so as long as these trends continue…

Even the bond market, which gave us a bit of a fright last week seems to be cooling down. The US 20 year treasuries have found support at 122.5 and are now holding near their yearly average price.

Swiss Event Today

Thomas Jordan rarely moves the markets but when he does, he does big. Today he will be speaking at the University of Zurich and delivering a speech about how money is created. A subject I’m sure we all would like to know more about.

No doubt he’ll be talking about how the central banks of the world have increased the amount of money in the system over the last decade and how the local banks have leveraged this money.

What he probably should be talking about is how to reduce the money supply from a system that is flooded with capital.

We’ll be watching his speech today with great interest, which will take place at 18:00 Swiss time. Just after our webinar. 😉

For reference, here’s a chart of the Euro against the Swiss Franc. Just about every large movement on this chart, and there are quite a few notable ones, have been created by Mr. Jordan. So it pays to pay attention to what he says.

The Crypto Pullback

The pullback seems to be coming from a lack of volumes in Asia. Cryptotraders in Japan and South Korea tend to dominate this market but so far this year have been notably silent.

Reports from Bloomberg of a further crackdown in China are not helping things but the real story here is Japan.

Japan was the first country in the world to fully legalize bitcoin as a currency last March and investments in BTC have reportedly raised the countries GDP significantly. The digital currency frenzy is also making a blockbuster entrance into Japanese Pop Culture with the new girl band…

So to see Japanese Bitcoin volumes of just 11% of the market at 18:00 Tokyo time is kind of odd.

My best guess is that Japanese and Korean traders are simply tired of paying the premium and are waiting for the market to even out. The price per bitcoin in these two countries is usually more than 25% above the prices in the West. So they might just be taking a step back, waiting for the FUD to blow over and get a better entry price.

The issue is that the markets have gone up so quickly that they didn’t have enough time to build in proper support. Here we can see that bitcoin does have some temporary support at the moment but if it does fall through it we could easily find ourselves below $10,000 pretty quickly and that’s a scary thought for some.

Whatever is causing this pullback it is making a lot of people nervous, which is why we should always remember that even though crypto has been the best performing asset class in history over the last year it’s still incredibly risky. No doubt many will see this dip as an excellent opportunity to get in but anybody who bought at the top is not doing well at the moment.

Hope to see you in the webinar. Let’s have an awesome day ahead!

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