Crypto Market Falls in Installments; Bitcoin and XRP In Lockstep; Small Alts Pump

The cryptocurrency market continued to fall on Tuesday as $2 billion left the global cap in just fifteen minutes. Major altcoins and recent gainers took the brunt of the hit, while Bitcoin and XRP avoided the worst and continued to trade in lockstep fashion.

A handful of small-cap alts avoided gravity with double-digit pumps, but for how long? After the global market surged 45% in December, the current correction threatens to return the market to the $100 million valuation which was struck as recently as last month.

BTC & XRP Align

The top two coins at the top of the crypto market cap continue to trade together on Tuesday, similar to how BTC and ETH used to for so long.

While BTC and XRP only lost value in the 2-3% range, Ethereum’s losses were more pronounced, sinking 7.6% over the day. Such was the case across many major alts, including Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin SV (BSV) and Neo (NEO).

Despite the $2 billion fall across the market in just fifteen minutes, Bitcoin remained within the $3,600 range after falling to $3,620. Earlier in the day BTC traded as high as $3,720, marking a 2.7% reduction.

Overall market sentiment may have cooled today after news that BitMEX was closing U.S user accounts. Many believe the firm was pressured by the SEC directly, although no comment has made as of yet. Some estimates suggest United States users account for around 15% of BitMEX’s entire user base.

XRP meanwhile lost just over 3% on Tuesday – dropping to the $0.32 range. However XRP’s stubbornness to drop in price is matched by its lack of upward momentum. Whereas TRX has gained over 100% since December lows, and ETH currently sits at 50% above this time last month, XRP has gained just 14% in the same time period.

Small Caps Pump

A handful of small to mid cap tokens continued to climb during Tuesday’s dip. Wax (WAX), Stratis (STRAT) and Aeternity (AE) defied gravity double-digit surges between 10% and 20% in strength.

Wax (WAX) was the best performer from the top hundred over twenty-four hours, climbing 22% from the daily low of $0.034038 up to $0.041834. A major drop off shortly afterwards down to the $0.038 range capped a tumultuous day for the gaming token.

Daily trades rose 580% throughout the day, from $275,000 up to $1.7 million, thanks in part to the 55% of trades coming from KRW markets.

Wax is EOS-based and focuses on blockchain gaming collectibles, and frequently scores abnormally high on independent blockchain activity rankings. Read this introductory article to find out more about the Wax project.

Greg Thomson is a freelance writer who contributes to leading cryptocurrency and blockchain publications like CCN, Hacked, and others.