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This article was posted on Thursday, 11:22, UTC.

The amount of bureaucracy and regulation that goes on in the European Union is simply incredible. The entire continent is a virtual minefield of political tripwires and multi-level legal landmines. Sometimes it’s a wonder that they can even move forward at all.

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So, when thinking about the legalization of digital currencies in the single market it will no doubt be a tough nut to crack. That said, some major headway has just been made.

A private bank in Switzerland has just announced some alternative investment services that include storing and trading on Bitcoins.

Now, Switzerland is not an official EU member but they are part of the single market and do play a leadership role especially when it comes to financial services within Europe and across the globe. Gaining acceptance from a Swiss Bank is indeed a huge step forward for the global adoption of Bitcoin and for all blockchain technology.

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Many thanks to Lawrence Patrick for tagging me with this headline. 😉

eToro, Senior Market Analyst


Please note: All data, figures, and graphs below are valid as of July 13th. All trading carries risk. Only risk capital you can afford to lose.

Market Overview

Great green stocks!

Virtually all major indices are in deep green over the past 24 hours. Janet Yellen’s testimony was a huge boost of confidence in the global economy and corporate profits.

Many of the Senators used their time questioning Yellen to point out how strong the economy is and many of them even cleverly worded their questions to debate the issue if the economy is running well because of the current president or the previous one.

As far as unwinding their $4.5 Trillion balance sheet, very little was said. Only that it would happen gradually over the course of a few years and a small admission that it may cause long term interest rates to rise.

The Dow Jones closed last night at a brand new record high.

Today’s Agenda

More of the same. Janet Yellen will have another Q&A session with members of the US Congress. This will very likely be her last appearance before Washington as the Fed Chief. When asked whether she will seek another term as Chair of the Federal Reserve her answer did not seem very enthusiastic.

We do not expect Janet to end her speech with a mic drop.

Also, today is a landmark meeting between Angela Merkel and the new President of France Emanuel Macron. Over the past few years, due to weak leadership from France, Germany was forced to take on a stronger role in guiding the young European Union. Now that France has a new young energetic leader perhaps we’ll see a greater collaboration between the two strongest economies in the bureaucratic block.

Here we can see the German and French stock indices over the past year. The strong upward push from Yellen yesterday certainly a very comforting move. Now let’s see if they can knock it out of the ballpark.

But what may cause bigger headlines is Trump’s arrival in Paris today to meet Macron. With all the heat at home, this seems like another great chance for Trump to get out of town.

Crypt0 B0unce

The fall has certainly been painful for some. Especially those who got in at the top. It’s great to see the faith of those who got in early and hodling long term throughout this gut wrenching pullback.

Many alternative analysts are now saying enough is enough and it’s time to start looking for a bottom. Indeed, over the past 24 hours, 92 of the top 100 digital currencies are in the green. Many of them with double and even triple digit percentage gains.

The number one question that I’ve been getting from clients is about Ethereum of course. So here’s my answer….

Now that blockchain technology is gaining recognition from more and more developers there is a huge push and tremendous excitement around the idea of making an internet that revolves around Decentralized Apps.

Ethereum is a ground breaking platform both in creating these Dapps and in creating new digital assets. So far, it’s the best platform that we’ve seen and certainly the most popular.

However, in the future, we may see another platform that works just as good if not better. Think about the browser wars of the 1990s. At first, Netscape was the king, then Microsoft stole most of their market share with the Internet Explorer. After that many went to Firefox but these days most people use Google Chrome.

For now, almost all of the hot ICOs are using Ethereum. While hope this continues, any investment in the crypto market it is very high risk and if Ethereum does hold its spot as the Dapp and ICO king over the next decade it may very likely pay off in a big way.

In this graph, we can see the incredible journey from $50 a coin all the way up to $428 and now back to $200.

Here we can see eToro’s volume on this incredible asset. As can be expected, our clients are trading the momentum. That’s why we seem more positions executed on days that there was a significant movement.

eToro sentiment on Ethereum is now and has always been above 98% buying.

Have an awesome day!!

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Mati Greenspan

Mati Greenspan

Senior Market Analyst at

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    AUTHOR embersburnbrightly

    Posted on 11:50 am July 13, 2017.

    I laughed out loud at this sentence: “We do not expect Janet to end her speech with a mic drop.”


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    AUTHOR chavs69

    Posted on 1:32 pm July 13, 2017.

    Some have indicated that ETC may be an undervalued dark horse when it comes to the IOT. What are your thoughts?

  • user

    AUTHOR Columbo

    Posted on 12:56 pm July 15, 2017.

    yeah but Falcon has a bad history:
    I am not sure if overall that’s more good than bad.

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