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How to create a website or blog in less than three minutes

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How to create a website or blog in less than three minutes


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Most of the websites that I’ve built use WordPress which is by far the most comprehensive and easy to use content management system (CMS). I’ve been using WordPress since 2010, and both and are using the CMS. WordPress is constantly updated by the WordPress Team and best of all: It’s totally free to use. All you need is a server to host your files and database (DB).

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Setting up your web server

If you do not already have a web server, I would recommend that you start with a hosted web server at Bluehost (affiliate). It’s one of the cheapest web server providers, and it got many functions while being easy to use. Bluehost also has a “one-click-install” of WordPress that will let you create your website in minutes.

You can view plans and pricing here (affiliate). I would recommend the “basic” plan if you just want to start experimenting with your site. You rarely need more than 50 GB in storage, and you will get your own domain included in the price.

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After choosing your plan, you can either register a new domain name or register a domain name that you already have (I will make a new post on how to find and choose a smart domain soon). Then you have to fill in your personal details. and CryptoCoinsNews are not hosted on Bluehost anymore. That’s because we outgrew the capabilities of Bluehost. We needed a far larger server and better speed than Bluehost could provide. If you come to that stage, let me know and I can guide you to a better solution. However, Bluehost and other cloud server providers like Hostgator are perfectly fine for small websites and blogs.

Installing Your Website

Once you have registered your account you will see this dashboard:

If you click on “WordPress tools” you will be able to create your website in a few minutes:

Just choose the domain name that you have registered, give the site a title, enter a username, password and email and click Install WordPress. Once you have installed the CMS on your domain, you can open a new tab (CMD + T on Mac) and visit your brand new site on “”. When installing with the Bluehost auto-install, it will add a WordPress plugin called “MOJO Marketplace” (crappy shit) – this is what you will see when visiting your site for the first time:

Don’t worry, you can remove this information from your website once you login to your admin panel.

Editing your website

To login to your admin panel where you can start customizing your own website, write the following in your browser: – where /wp-admin is the path to your admin panel. To login, enter your username and password that you filled in:

Once logged in, you will see this neat dashboard where you can do almost everything with your new website:

On the first message, you can click “I don’t need help.” Then I would suggest that you go to “Plugins” placed on the left sidebar, and then “Deactivate” below the plugin called “MOJO Marketplace” as it’s just a built in ad-plugin.

After deactivating the “MOJO Marketplace” you can visit your domain again (, and you will see the following:

Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of a brand new website created in less than three minutes. If you need my help or consultation during the process, or if you have more questions, you can always send leave a comment below or send me an email to jonas.borchgrevink (at)

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