Crayola Hack Leaves Facebook Page a Little Too Colorful

Crayola’s Twitter page advertises that they are the “most colorful company on Earth.” It was hard to argue with that sentiment yesterday–but not for the reasons Crayola would wish. Hackers managed to gain control of Crayola’s Facebook account for a brief period, which they used to tell what were likely the most colorful jokes to grace the company’s social media profile. Additionally, the Crayola hackers posted scores of links to NSFW content.

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crayola crayonsCrayola Hack

The popular crayon-producer took to Twitter to let their followers know they were aware, and before long they regained control of their Facebook account as well. They quickly posted the following message to apologize to people offended by the Crayola hacker’s off-color humor.

Our sincere apologies to our Facebook community for the inappropriate and offensive posts you may have seen here today. Please be assured the official Crayola page has been restored. We can’t thank our fans enough for the feedback and support we received while working to resolve the issue … you truly are the best and we look forward to an exciting and creative 2015!

Luckily for the company, the Crayola hack amounted to little more than a minor public relations headache that quickly subsided once the offensive content was removed. Many people commented on Crayola’s apology to let them know they did not blame them for the hack and that they found the entire ordeal quite humorous. One user even suggested Crayola open an adults-only Facebook page for grown-ups who want to add a little more “color” to their lives.

Other Recent Hacks

The Crayola hack may not have long-term ramifications for the crayon producer, but other recently hacked companies have not been so lucky. Bitstamp, a prominent bitcoin exchange, recently lost $5 million worth of bitcoins when hackers infiltrated one of their wallets. A German steel company also recently learned they needed to amp up security when hackers rendered the company unable to shut down its furnace. But no recent hack has ruffled more feathers than the Sony hack, which led the U.S. government to levy sanctions against North Korea for their alleged role in the hack.

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