Cracka Releases CIA Director John Brennan’s E-mail to WikiLeaks

As reported earlier in the week, CIA Director John Brennan was recently engaged in an ongoing struggle with a hacker who calls himself ‘Cracka and associates’ with Wikileaks_logo.svgAnonymous. The hacker appears to identify with the struggle of Palestinians, being that at one point when Brennan asked him how much he could buy back his private data for, the hacker told him, “We just want Palestine to be free and for you to stop killing innocent people.”

Now that the details of the whole charade have been made public, things may get even more interesting
for Director Brennan. Cracka has apparently turned over all his e-mail to whistleblower organization WikiLeaks, announced late yesterday.

One interesting thing the WikiLeaks presentation of the dump makes plain is that while operating a private firm in 2008, Brennan donated to the Obama presidential campaign. He had a keen interest in government policy regarding torture and foreign policy. In 2013, Brennan was tapped to replace David Petraeus as CIA Director.

Brennan holds a perhaps unpopular view among high level government positions, in that he believes the US should make peace with Iran as quickly as possible. In a letter to incoming president Obama, he condemns George W. Bush’s “Axis of Evil” speech and lays out reasons why the new administration should pursue a strategy of peace and co-operation with Iran.

The appointment of a U.S. Presidential envoy to Iran is long overdue. The argument that such an appointment would be premature as long as Iran is on the Department of State’s list of state sponsors of terrorism is without merit and foundation; the United States has diplomatic relations with Syria, also on the list, and has appointed Presidential envoys to North Korea and Sudan.

The Director’s position on Iran could explain a great deal about the recent negotiations with Iran that have been successful in the eyes of the current administration. A peaceful resolution with one of the great powers of the Middle East is preferable to continued animosity, in any case, but it hasn’t been a priority of this administration, and certainly not the last. Brennan’s belief that it is paramount to regional and US security interests that a deal be made, and dialogues with Iran be had, could be driving factors in the negotiations.

In all, the dump is not as interesting as would be the actual, professional e-mail account of Director Brennan. The underwhelming network security of the federal government over the last few years should mean that eventually such organizations as the CIA will be compromised. As to Cracka, the hacker who claims to have been in the US at the time of the breach, it is very likely he will be caught.

The CIA has vast resources and, unlike Edward Snowden, Cracka hasn’t dumped a trove of data so vast that he can’t be forgotten. Cracka did say two days ago on his Twitter account that ISIS were trying to recruit him. He hasn’t tweeted much since, and additionally, had a post that said “what are those flashing lights.” This indicates that he may already have been apprehended, but the feds have not yet decided to publicize it.

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