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Chipotle Twitter Hacked: Nazi Propaganda Runs Rampant

Chipotle Twitter Hacked: Nazi Propaganda Runs Rampant

by Clay Michael GillespieFebruary 10, 2015

Chipotle, in all its delicious burrito goodness, was a victim to a Twitter hacking recently that caused a mess of problems before it was rectified.

Instead of the hacker playing around on their account and having semi-harmless fun, they decided to spew hate messages and switch the picture to the Nazi swastika. Racial slurs were littered among shoutouts to friends, surely causing panic at the Chipotle headquarters.

“We apologize for the very offensive messages sent out from our account earlier tonight,” said ‘Joe,’ one of the primary speakers on Chipotle’s Twitter. “We were unfortunately hijacked temporarily.”

Between the “F— this” and “F— that” tweets, the hacker also claimed Chipotle poisoned their meat. The hacker also attacked certain branches of the American government.

Chipotle responded as quickly as possible, but not before the damage had been done. The hacker was reaching out to followers and tweeting them directly with rude messages and obscenities. Chipotle tried to take down all the tweets, but proactive followers were able to capture images of what transpired.

Chipotle Twitter

According to NBC Bay Area, the Chipotle hacker also targeted the company’s website, making it quite a sophisticated attack. Upon accessing the website, users were redirected to a Twitter account taking credit for the hack. @TheCeltic666 was officially suspended on Sunday morning.

Chipotle, Taylor Swift Both 2015’s First Victims

Chipotle is most likely to be considered the second major Twitter hack of 2015 so far, right behind Taylor Swift. Only a week prior, Swift was hacked on Twitter and Instagram. Twitter users Veriuser and Lizzard both seemed complicit in the attack but didn’t seem to do any damage with hate speech like Chipotle’s hacker.

Lizzard did, however, attempt to raise three bitcoins in exchange for nude photographs of Swift, but was unsuccessful in their venture. Swift was alerted by fellow musician Hayley Williams, frontwoman of Paramore, and was able to gain control as soon as possible. She then refuted any claims that there were nude photographs of her.

The question remains though: how do these accounts keep getting hacked? The answer is simple – easy passwords. If people re-use passwords for multiple accounts and one happens to be breached, they hacker then can gain easy access to any accounts with the same credentials.

In Chipotle’s case, it seems as though the hacker had possible prior access to their servers, as they were able to hack the company website as well.

The takeaway? Either web security needs two-factor authentication as a standard, people need to use different and stronger passwords or there needs to be a significant alternative. Biometric authentication is looking to be promising, but the cost of the switch is still in infancy.

Hacking is already becoming a common theme in 2015, so maybe this is the year companies and social networks wise up to better security alternatives. The last thing anyone needs is a tasty burrito restaurant tweeting “Mein Kampf” like Coca-Cola.

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