Cash Flow Token, PayPie (PPP) Hits 1,000% Growth on $296 Volume


Just thirty days away from the longest bear market in cryptocurrency history, one could be forgiven for looking at the altcoin market and assuming we were still in January of 2018.

Every day small cap altcoins are doubling, tripling or quadrupling in value, and several have already gained more than 1,000% this month alone.

The trouble is that most of them are tokens no one has heard of, on exchanges that you’d never sign up to. And even if you did sign up to them, you’d only get there to find the absolute minimum in liquidity, provided by whichever friendly neighbourhood pumper was on duty that day.

PayPie (PPP)

A good example of this phenomena was on display on Thursday night with PayPie (PPP), which hit 904% growth in five minutes, and 1,016% for the week. Irony is never lacking in the crypto space, and PayPie’s proposed role as a cash flow platform seems comical in light of its $296 daily trade volume.

It took just five minutes for PPP to hit 904% growth on Thursday, climbing from the daily low of $0.073341 up to $0.736635 not long after midnight. The weekly low of $0.065958 puts seven-day gains on 1,016% – although it’s difficult to say who exactly is collecting these gains, if anyone at all.

What Is PayPie?

Despite a Bitcointalk forum page which stretches back to 2017 and has 247 pages to its name, no one has posted there since June of last year, over six months ago. In fact, the last post on the page is directly related to PPP’s lack of volume, and the creators’ failure to land the ERC20 token on any new exchanges.

From the project’s website we can gather that PayPie is set up to offer help with cash-flow projections for small and medium-sized businesses. They offer a web app, some monitoring and calculation tools, and email and telephone support for their customers.

Remarkably, not one mention of cryptocurrency, blockchain or the PPP token is made on the company website. No link is posted to a whitepaper, and there is zero mention of team members nor anything tech related. If it wasn’t for the website link on CoinMarketCap there would be no reason to think this was a crypto project, and I still don’t know what PPP is supposed to be used for.

PPP…Past Success

After launching in late 2017, PPP came around just in time to catch the altcoin mega-pump of January 2018, when its trade volume surged to over $1 million, and the coin price reached $3.72.

That’s when ‘development’ was still somewhat active, with occasional communications on Bitcointalk. Since then it has been complete radio silence, although the cash flow company behind PPP continue to post finance tips to their blog, but none of it is crypto related.

Maybe the PPP token is the perfect symbol of 2017’s bubble, when ICO madness caused thousands to attempt to cash in on the crypto gold rush. Despite growing by close to 1,000% in the last twenty-four hours, one gets the feeling this might be one of the last times we hear about PayPie.

Disclaimer: The author owns bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. He holds investment positions in the coins, but does not engage in short-term or day-trading.

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Greg Thomson is a freelance writer who contributes to leading cryptocurrency and blockchain publications like CCN, Hacked, and others.