Bought Gold for 10 000 USD – Double or Nothing

I’ve read multiple stories about Herbalife and Bill Ackman’s 1 billion USD shorting of the stock. Bill Ackman claims that Herbalife is in fact a Pyramid Scheme, which in some way was verified by the FTC when they fined Herbalife with the total sum of $200 million. Herbalife has been restructuring its operations to comply with the FTC ruling and can no longer promise “sport cars and jets” to its customers or “business operators”. Herbalife is a company I despise, and I can not understand how a company like that can be a viable business.

I was going to open a short position on the Herbalife stock as it’s close to its ATH (80 USD per share). Unfortunately for me, and you, there are no more short positions available for the stock as more than 1.8 billion USD are shorting the stock. I cried for a moment. But hey, maybe the stock rises to $120 and I’ll be glad I didn’t enter.

On the other hand, I looked into the sharp drop of gold today. We have a buy recommendation of gold, and I feel that the price is just right for me to enter again. I’ve bought gold for $10 000 as a CFD, and I’m going all in (either doubling the investment or losing it all). Of course, I added a guaranteed stop loss at $1234, and take profit at $1254. I entered at $1244. This trade will most likely take some days, or weeks, but I’ll keep you posted if I’m successful or if I just burned $10 000. Wish me good luck right?

Remember: I’m able to afford a loss of $10,000. Only trade with money you are certain you can lose.

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