After a Bloody Monday I’m back on Track with 20 000 USD in Profit Today

As I’ve posted on Workplace (our intranet for Gold and Platinum Members), I’m live streaming my trades this week as a part of the 2% Club-strategy. Yesterday I had three sessions shown below:

Session 1 Monday

As you can see from the video above, I gained my 2% on my first trade. Since I wanted to trade the entire day for our members, I decided to do two more sessions.

Session 2 Monday

No trades were filled by me during the second session. I wasn’t comfortable enough to enter a trade.

Session 3 Monday

The last trading session went awfully wrong for me and I ended up losing approx. 120 000 NOK which is 14 634 USD. I decided to quit and recoup the next day.

Session 1 Tuesday

I entered a trade last night where I again sold Dow Jones and increased the bet. This is highly risky and I could have lost more money yet again.

Session 2 Tuesday

Thankfully, the trade worked and I was able to regain what I lost yesterday and still be on track for a 2% increase per trading day.

Current Result of the 2% Strategy


Day Start Result % If 2% Gain Difference
Day 1 650000 669082 1,029356923 663000 6082
Day 2 669082 724000 1,082079626 676260 47740
Day 3 724000 766218 1,058312155 689785 76433
Day 4 766218 645000 0,8417969821 703581 −58581
Day 5 645000 816000 1,265116279 717653 98347


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