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October 22, 2016

Is a Decentralized Internet the Solution to Outages?

“Attacks that we witnessed today were possible mainly because there is a centralized infrastructure which could have been targeted,” said Piotr Janiuk, CTO of  Golem,  which seeks to decentralize the internet using peer-to-peer technology. “The attack itself isn’t easy to carry out, but it is obvious that even the backbone infrastructure behind the Internet contains single points of failure which are prone to such malicious activity – even though the infrastructure may comprise multiple machines. As of today, the trend is to move towards distributed solutions and the main problem is the lack of standard way of setting up the infrastructure.”

Golem  is among a [...]

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October 20, 2016

Metals Wants to Solve Payments for the Unbanked with the Bitcoin Blockchain

Editor’s note: Headline altered to reflect Metal’s endeavor to bring payments for the unbanked via the bitcoin blockchain.

Hacked discussed with Marshall Hayner the evolution of his startup, called Trees. Once focused on  delivering marijuana by drone – a la Snoop Dogg’s big music via drone push – the service has since been put on hold as Hayner develops Metal, a consumer-friendly approach to melding the world of high-risk payments, rewards and blockchain technology.

What’s on the agenda for Metal in the coming months?

MH: We will be unveiling our payment processing platform, which uses blockchain technology to solve a lot of problems in [...]

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October 8, 2016

The Benefits of Blockchain Technology in Healthcare

A blockchain-based information exchange could remove friction and costs presented by intermediaries in existing health information exchanges, according to a Deloitte white paper [PDF] on blockchain’s potential benefits for health care titled, “Blockchain: Opportunities for Health Care.”

The white paper was written in response to the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) for Health Information Technology ideation challenge—The Use of Blockchain in Health IT and Health-Related Research. Deloitte’s was among 15 papers selected from a field of over 70 submissions from a range of individuals, organizations and companies [...]

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October 1, 2016

Cryptocurrency Zcash Vows to Offer Enhanced Payment Privacy

Zcash, a new cryptocurrency scheduled to be launched this coming October 28, vows to offer enhanced payment privacy.

“Zcash is strongest where Bitcoin is weakest; It gives users the easy ability to maintain their financial privacy. If anything can compete with Bitcoin, it will be on this front,” Roger Ver, Zcash Investor, said in a statement.

Similarities and Differences Between Zcash and Bitcoin

As explained by Zcash on its company website, this new cryptocurrency will offer “total payment confidentiality” while still maintaining a public blockchain.

A blockchain is a shared public ledger detailing the entire transactions involving a particular [...]

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