Bitcoin Price Stabilizes Above $6,000 as Altcoins Get Rearranged

Bitcoin has emerged as the victor from the bloody chaos of the past week, but perhaps only by default. The 5% losses incurred by BTC in the past seven days would be considered a poor week at the markets in a different climate; but within the current context BTC looks positively bullish in comparison to its nearest competitors.

Bitcoin Stabilizes Above $6,000

Bitcoin’s fall over the last 24 hours didn’t come quite so fast or as hard as that of the altcoins, although it did eventually drop below $6,000 at one point during the night. At around 03:00 UTC the BTC coin price sunk to the $5,970 range, but by the time people were waking up for breakfast the $5,000’s had been rejected and BTC was back up above $6,000.

With just under 18% of BTC trades coming against USDT Tether, it seems the price dip was more a case of cautious hands taking refuge in USDT for the night while the storm cleared. After a 40% drop off in volume overnight, BTC is now starting to gear up for more, as the daily volume has grown from $4.1 billion to $5.3 billion in the last six hours.

A quick glance at the market cap beyond Bitcoin is enough to justify the most dramatic of language, and once again one of the worst periods in recent times has fallen on ‘Monday Bloody Monday’.

Altcoin Top-Ten Rearranged

Everything looks different in the top ten this morning, with several pieces of altcoin furniture having been rearranged during the night’s turmoil. All of a sudden Stellar (XLM) finds itself in 5th spot, while EOS has been kicked down to 6th spot for the first time since its ICO ramped up to completion in early 2018. EOS has incurred 17.8% losses in the last 24 hours, descending to a coin price of $4.27 at the lowest point of the night.

Further down the pack, USDT Tether has jumped into 8th spot and is battling it out with Cardano (ADA), which plunged 24% today before stabilizing at net losses of 19%. ADA coins dipped to levels not seen since early November 2017 when they reached a value of $0.086 this morning, although they’ve since rebounded to the $0.09 range at the time of writing.

Further down still and IOTA was temporarily kicked down to 12th spot, behind TRON, as it recorded 24% losses for the day alone. TRON isn’t much better off, with losses similarly approaching the 24% mark.

While Ethereum won’t be displaced any time soon, it has been shaken as bad as any coin in the top ten today, with 20% losses coming as ETH falls to a coin price not seen since September 2017 at $256.58. Despite a rebound to $264 at the time of writing, Ethereum is still down nearly 40% over the last seven days.

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Greg Thomson is a freelance writer who contributes to leading cryptocurrency and blockchain publications like CCN, Hacked, and others.